“Hating” Writing + Thoughts on Corruption

Hello Again,

So, where do I begin? I think I should start with what prompted me to even start this at all.

As in almost anything, someone is going to disagree with another. What I mean by that, is that saying anything short of “water is wet”, and you’ll get an argument from someone, somewhere. It’s why debating is so common, and can be a great way to extract insights on something you don’t understand.

Anyway, I’ve heard people in my life speak about how they hate writing. That is one major statement. The word “hate” being included in any statement adds to the intensity of what’s being said. And a mistake that is very commonly made is distinguishing “hate” and feeling neutrally about something.

So the first thing that I’ve wondered when I’ve heard the phrase “I hate writing” is what was so bad about it that caused such strong feelings to arise. What could it possibly be about the writing itself that is so unpleasant as to be avoided. So terrible as to be worth less than nothing to you.

This is what I thought, and please comment if you disagree: they don’t get what writing is all about. They haven’t been able to understand what it was worth, the value of such an art form, that they simply dismissed it. This happens/ has happened quite a bit in life.

Just look at how music has exploded in the last 80-100 years. With the inclusion of the radio, and a sudden powerful curiosity to find what was not-yet-found, music moved to a new level and became more prominent in culture. But before it was understood (the process of understanding took quite a while), it was often confined in a box, with a set of rules. Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, had such an impact as a new-style piece, and the choreography with it, that it caused riots during it’s premier. Riots. 

It does, sadly, make a bit of sense. Knowing how humans are, the people that went to see that ballet of music were expecting something more elegant than the intense rhythms that they heard. And they had no idea what to do. When in doubt, start a riot.

Back to the point, I think civilization is a little bit beyond that. That instant did happen to be 99 years ago.

I believe, though, that people will react in a similar, 99 year newer manner, to the unknown. It has long been said that the unknown is considered dangerous, as nothing really is known about it, so naturally, the worst is deduced.

That’s the reason why I’m making this. It saddens me that anyone would miss out on such an art form, simply due to the fact that they don’t understand it. It just seems unfair.

Right, so I’ll touch back on that soon again, once I get some feedback from you guys.

And as a bit of a curtain opener, I’m majorly interested in the corruption in anything, particularly writing, and that will correspondingly be something that will come up quite a bit.

It’s quite ridiculous to be honest, what kind of things our “civilized” world lets slide. But again, it makes sense in a very cruel way, because where does the power lie? In one place, and when that happens, pretty much any bending/breaking of the rules can be done.

I think we can all say we’re against corruption, but have we considered what part we might unknowingly play by letting it happen? I think it makes perfect sense if a corporation, or organization, or anything really, becomes corrupted, because really and truly, a lot of the time people let it happen. I’ll let you dwell on that.

Well that’s about it, see ya tomorrow!



7 thoughts on ““Hating” Writing + Thoughts on Corruption

  1. I think the major reason for “hating writing” is that people don’t like how their writing sounds and consequently don’t allow it to develop — kind of like not liking how your voice sounds. If people would let their ideas flow and let them represent who they are uniquely (as with any type of expression), then there would be a chance for writing and a possibility for polishing it further. Otherwise it’s that self-criticism that keeps them (us) from true self-expression.

    The other thing is spelling and grammar and making it all look and flow well. But that shouldn’t worry people, that’s why we have editors (or peers) to check our work. 🙂

    And regarding corruption, it always amazes me how it’s always about people. Corporations and organizations are run by people, and people allow bad things to happen. They allow the entity of this “organism” to take over and forget that THEY are responsible, in whatever small way, for what is happening. THEY are allowing for that critical mass to happen that determines how things are going to go.

    • You make several good points, and I will touch upon that on a later date. Corruption is more of a theme that will keep on return within my posts… so if you’re curious about it, you should read all of them 😛

  2. Water isn’t actually wet. Wetness is the description of our experience with water. Any fluid could be said to be wet if wetness is a result of the sensation caused by the movement of a fluid over the skin. Have you ever noticed that you can’t feel wetness if you hold your hand perfectly still while it is submerged, or that a drop of water on the skin doesn’t feel wet?

  3. Hey, mrprose!!! Holy Cow your a good writer I could never ever In my lifetime write something that entertaining or meaningful. I really hope you keep writing more on the blog… I think it’s really cool that you even took the time to start this up!!! I really have nothing bad to say about it I liked when you used the big boom in music with the radio and such… but how It wasn’t really understood until around then and how most people don’t appreciate writing because they don’t understand it. Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding what you were saying in your blog there, but I dont really understand writing… so I’m doing my best to understand;)

    • I think as I work on this blog, I will get better at being clearer with my readers… please don’t give up on it, and thank you for the compliments!

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