Bland Days and Forgotten Moments

Afternoon to all of you,

Today was, although rather pleasant, bland.

I imagine myself at 80 years old, looking back on my life, and remembering only certain parts, the moments that made an impact, the things that shaped me, and seeing them either fondly, or not-so-fondly. I already do that from time to time, even though I’m thankfully not 80, as it’s a great habit to look back and see what brought you as a person to where you are. Self-reflection can bring some of the most incredible answers… it has already for me, and if you aren’t doing the same in your life, I strongly recommend you try. It can/does change lives.

Then there are the parts of life that I imagine looking back on summarized, which isn’t too bad. It really isn’t possible to remember every single day you have lived as crisply and clearly as you lived it. The problems being when moments, chunks of one’s life are missed altogether. Forgotten. Deemed unimportant.

We all have these moments in our life that we don’t value as much as we should, or don’t “live in the moment” as they say. Actually, that seems like how the majority of time is spent by a great number of people. Some are so consumed in their own worries they never lift their heads to see what’s really going on. Truly, any worry is transient, it cannot last forever. So maybe looking at your worries different would reveal that they really aren’t worth the effort we give them. Of course, this doesn’t apply for everything. But on the whole, these worries obscure, and later hide memories of our existence.

So today was one of those days for me. I may seem like I’m present to everything that’s going on, but that isn’t the case. I guarantee that a month from now, this day won’t appear different from the rest, and will simply be one of those days that provide bits of experiences or pieces of understanding that are melded in with the rest. This may seem like a very pessimistic way of viewing one’s life, but I find it empowering, as it shows me that I really don’t have to worry about all the things that I think I have to worry about. What is getting to a meeting on time mean in Heaven, or in your next lifetime, or wherever it is that you believe you will go. I guess my view point offers little comfort to Atheists. Sorry 😦

I am content with the day, though, because I know that it won’t be forgotten. I’ll always know that I made a brain out of styrofoam and plaster, and that I maintained an interesting blog that put the majority of my existence into perspective… pretty great, ay?

There is another thing that stands out to me, that further verifies what I’ve said earlier: I have asked about one’s childhood, or about one’s career over the course of many years. Anything that has taken up large amounts of time.

One of the biggest observations that I’ve made is that for a great many people, the way that they’ve recounted their stories leaves many gaps where nothing at all made an impact,  or a synopsis of something that would’ve made a larger impact, should they have slowed down and listened the songs of world.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that bland days are fine, impossible to avoid, but there for a reason – we as people are trying to rush through our lives as if it were some kind of race.  Why are we racing? There is no prize for the fastest-living person. I would actually say it’s the other way around, and for those that can gain the awareness to absorb what happens around them, the award is a higher existence. Ponder on that.

Alright, that’s all for me today. Please click the “follow” button at the top of the page if you’ve read my last few posts and think they were even mildly interesting. Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Bland Days and Forgotten Moments

  1. Mr. Prose- I really admire your blog and think that the name you’ve created is great; it speaks well for what you write about. Please teach me how to be so good at coming up with names.

    • Filbert, this is late given your surprising post on 5/31/2012, but let me just say I would guess that mrprose is not only good at introspection but he is also a good listener and observer, perhaps to a fault. Sometimes we overhear things of other people’s conversations that resonate so much with us that we take them as our own, knowingly or unknowingly. Just a thought of mine, not necessarily the truth.

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