The Struggle of Staying Unique

Hey People,

We all want to be special. It’s something I think is ingrained in not only our society, but also our way of acting/thinking. There’s something great about being the first to land on the moon, or the fastest sprinter, or the best mathematician. We as humanity strive for that, and always have.

Think of ancient civilizations. Who has the best army, the strongest fighters, the wealthiest economy? That seemed to be all that mattered. Now although that hasn’t gone completely in modern times, there seems to be a greater range of different things one can be the best at, or first doing, or whatever.

The thing about that makes this a destructive cycle is that it is quite difficult to be one of those lucky or talented (depending on how you look at it) people. Especially in a population that has now surpassed 7,000,000,000, it seems at times like you’ll never be anybody in a world of somebodies.

That’s exactly how I feel as I search for a unique name that I like for this blog. Everyone seems to have taken anything worthwhile.

I get now why that need for specialness is such a priority in one’s life. There’s so much that it seems to bring – something that cannot be taken by anyone, something that will set one apart from the rest, something that will seem like it’ll move one a level above what they were before.

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard just as anyone has, the saying that everyone is unique. That’s true to a degree, I suppose, as one is not going to meet another person exactly like them. Similar sure, but the same, not so much.

I actually see a great many people act similarly, and can almost be set into a class of their own. But just as I write this I realize that I’m doing exactly what I advised against doing in this article I wrote a few days ago. By that I mean that I have made stereotypes on people based on what they have done. The number one stereotype that comes to mind is seeing people being the opposite of anything special, doing everything that is accepted in society, following others around, and in general acting as if they want to live in a shadow. For those people I think that being unique is just a lower priority than social safety. How boring.

But I do agree that one can find distinguishing attributes in anyone, however concealed. It seems to me that it all goes down to if you’re distinguishing based on a personal connection, or on the view of a group (possibly stereotypical) of people that can be strung together through their actions. A socially safe person that I do not know is nearing on unbearably boring to me, whilst a socially safe person I happen to know better would be slightly on the edge of reasonable, as I would at least know something about them that could set them apart.

Back to the point: for a great many people, life seems more about what others think that what’s important to one’s self. A circus act if you will. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “The Struggle of Staying Unique

  1. It’s still special to them. It comes down to what you said, finding out what’s special in each individual and then seeing if there’s a match. Sometimes people click, most often they don’t…

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