Wasting Time

Afternoon to all of you,

Today, i sat down to blog finally, and could not possibly come up with a topic to write about. I could talk about anything really, but nothing I felt particularly strongly about came to mind. So I waited, pondering… what would be something that could draw in the audience, I wonder…. The clock was ticking, and it was not until forty-five minutes of precious time passed that I realized what I needed to say.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel as though much of my life is spent worrying about other parts of my life, and particularly about how much time I’ve wasted. Wasted is such a strong word, and yet that’s how I feel, particularly afterwards. As if I would’ve been better off without ever indulging in the entertainment. The definition that I found for the verb form of waste was: Use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose. Dang, that’s how I feel about my free-time!

It partly has to do with what I value as time well-spent. While some would say you can’t do better than a day of shopping or a gaming marathon, I would prefer to be ‘productive’ by getting work done, or doing something artistic, like writing.

The thing about that, though, is that I don’t always get around to doing that. There is an obscene amount of distractions existing today, via the web, or devices of any kind. I just imagine 19th century America, where the most common pastimes were beaver hunting  and tending to the farm. Sports didn’t start until the later parts of the century, when there was leisure time. I know that many football (soccer) clubs were founded about then. Since then, free-time has grow tremendously, and things that were way low on the priority list, now are we can do with our surplus of time.

Now, people naturally gravitate towards pleasure. Things that feel nice/are pleasant to do seems to be what’s on everyone’s minds, especially when there is time available to do whatever one wants.

It’s interest, though, that in about 150 years, we became a people (right now I’m referring to most Americans and the majority of people in first world countries) that didn’t really know about taking time off, as the crops all had to be harvested, to people obsessing over time that seems to be generally spent in front of the TV, or on some website, or any other form of brainless stimuli. Not everything is brainless. Reading is great. Something one enjoys is fine, I suppose. Living doesn’t have to suck all the time.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with how people like to ‘kill’ time. Anyone really can do whatever they want. I sure do, when I have the time to. But I guess that I, unlike a lot of people, wish I was doing something more meaningful than lingering around Facebook all day. I wish I would focus on writing a novel, or learning how to speak a new language.

The reality though, is that there is some seriously addictive/distracting stuff out there, and that isn’t going away. So if one is interested in making things happen, one faces a new problem: staying focused.

I’ve read all over the place that the attention span of a person is quite short. Some say 8 seconds of focused attention, while others say ten or twenty minutes. Is it so short because of the way we are living? What about those monks that meditate all day, isn’t there attention span incredible?

Either way, that’s moving away from the point I was going at. It’s just not realistic to expect to always be working like a super-computer. We’re human, we’re flawed. And I think that I, and everyone else that feels the same way, should focus on not fixating on that so much. It’s something that has to be accepted, and when that happens, less time will be ‘wasted’ on worrying about it.

That’s not to say we couldn’t improve on the way we spend are time. We sure as heck can. Think on that.

Till tomorrow,



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