The Sunday Slump


Sunday, the day I tell my brain to shut off and do minimal work. I’ve been sitting in front of this computer forever, but I can’t seem to boot up my mind, particularly to think about something abstract and interesting to read about. It’s a shame, I know. But it’s a little too late to change that.

I never understood those people that are capable of working at top speed almost all the time. The ‘efficient’ people. I heard that Martha Stuart gets four hours of sleep a night. Is that really the case? What’s her secret? I need to level up in that department.

People do cause damage to themselves when that kind of thing happens. I’m talking about a lack of sleeping, or beyond that, just taking breaks, relaxing, meditating, or doing something that calms the soul.

Sunday is the famous ‘relax day’, but thinking about the entire week, 144 hours not counting Sunday, that is way too much time to just power through. When one does that – pushing, pushing, pushing, you get me, a brain-dead writer on Sundays, or even sometimes during the middle of the week (which, let me tell you, can be darn near lethal).

It’s quite a bad system. But there is a good reason why breaks have the connotation of being a waste of time. As a species interested in material things, we don’t have the patience to see the value of something that isn’t sitting right in front of us. Seeing only the short-term affects of something has become something a lot of us seem to only care about. Because I’m not going to stop my latest project to meditate, when meditation is something I could do at any time. But then, there will always be something right in front of it in terms of priorities. You’re only really going to see the rewards once your enjoying them.

Well that’s all… sorry to be short today,



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