The Moral Issue

Afternoon to all of you, feeling good today!

Alright, what’s on the chopping block today? Actually, I have the perfect thing to talk about that will explain why I’m feeling so good.

Well first a little background: In our lives, there will always be those terrible relationships that pin you down and suffocate you. There are a ton of different cases of this actually. You’ve got your haters, the people that despise you for whatever reason. Could be jealousy, or it could be because of a more moral issue – difference in views on anything from religion to what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Sure, we have these disagreements with anyone, but there are those people out there that take it badly (or maybe that’s you) and what results is enmity. Those relationships can be bothersome, scary, even energy-consuming.

Then there just ‘dysfunctional’ relationships, which I personally find a thousand times worse. Unlike an arch-rival, these people seem to make you feel very confused, because they don’t feel mutually. It’s those people that like you, or want to like you, but you do not feel the same way for them. This doesn’t just mean the opposite sex, I’m talking about everything from your home-boy to your grandma. And in every case, there seems to be a serious burden that cannot be surpassed. By that I mean that there seems to be a conflict of opinions within yourself; on the one hand you want to just avoid them and not make any trouble, and on the other hand, there’s a part of you that wants to speak up and just be able to move on.

It’s true for everyone. Just think about a co-worker, family member, or really any friendship-gone-sour. A lot of the time they don’t know that you don’t like them, and thus are utterly baffled and shocked (in a bad way) when, if ever, you tell them that you don’t like them.

But the great majority of us rather avoid confrontation all the time, and spend our time running. Many of us do not know what else to do, and ‘at least you’re considering their feelings’. Well what about considering your own? That’s what always seems to be missing.

Because when one keeps their mouth shut forever for the sake of another person, they are, metaphorically speaking, poisoning themselves.

That’s what happened to me, and what almost everyone in the world has to encounter during their life-span. You’re always told to do the ‘right’ thing, and stick it out for the other person. I’m sorry to tell you, but that’s a really bad plan – if the bad relationship is damaging enough, if could be making you a worse person, in the form of unhappiness or worse.

One must not forget to think about themselves. Some may perceive that to be selfishness, but I think it’s incredibly important in being a better person. Because once you get through the hard part, and peacefully tell them what’s really on your mind (no need to get mean about anything), then a certain free-ness you’ve never felt before engulfs you and it makes the world so much clearer. And so much lighter. The lightness of everything is what really gets to me.

That’s what happened to me yesterday. I kindly said what I thought, and although the other party didn’t understand, my chest was relieved of a 50 pound weight. I’ll talk more on this tomorrow.

That’s all, have an amazing evening,



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