The Moral Issue, Part 2


Sorry to be late today, I’ve got no wifi, so I must type this through the phone app that I have. So in advance, I apologize for being short.

Before I return to where I left off, a little bit of news from the prose factory: This weekend I’m off to Canada, on a short, four-day trip. I plan to try my hand at photo blogging. Maybe this will start a habit of integrating photos into my normal blog.

What does this mean? It means there will be less reading material from me (but more pictures), but only for a short amount of time. If you need to read so badly, take a look at these Canadian blogs.

Also, in other news, I just received a really well written story from one of my readers, and will do a posting on that sometime next week.

To wrap up the good news, I’m planning to start posting earlier in the day, once I return from Canada. I understand that that will be of more convenience to you readers, and that is something important to me.

Right, so onto what I was talking about yesterday. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post yet, I recommend you do so now.

Anyway, I realize that I might’ve come off as really selfish, and I would like to clarify that. I was very happy not due to the fact that I hurt someone’s feelings, but because I did something that was very difficult, and felt really free and happy once I did what I needed to. That’s really all there was to it.

Another thing I’d like to add is that my advice from yesterday varies from case to case. Sometimes the best thing to do really is taking something you don’t like and just accepting it. I do that for people in relationships that are worth it to me. I would add that your decisions in this type of situations should be governed by the gut feeling that you have, your instinctual direction pointer, and not the analytical brain.

That’s what I say to do for a lot of things actually, and why I think meditation or just sitting with your eyes closed, calming the mind, can have such an impact. I’ll come back to this next week.

The last thing I want to touch upon before I finish with this post (my thumbs are sore from so much writing through my phone) is the guilt factor from speaking up. It really is a huge thing to speak up, and sometimes, like I said yesterday, there is a guilty feeling that comes because you feel like you hurt them. I have felt that, but I knew in my heart, after sitting with these feelings for quite a while, that what I’ve done is truly best for me, and I cannot live my life always worrying about making everyone else happy. It would be impossible. So I’ve decided to live my life honestly, without the unneeded burdens of always avoiding hurting another’s feelings, when in fact it’ll always eventually happen anyway. I see that sort of avoidance as very dishonest living.

Alright that’s all, comment if you have been in a similar situation, I’d love to hear. And tell your friends and family about me if you like my blog!

See ya tomorrow,



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