First World Problems

Evening to you,

Well, I got a little perspective of what it’s like to live in a very low quality way… in a sense.

Apparently a breaker broke in my electrical panel for the house, and during the twelve hours it was being repaired, there was no electricity whatsoever. Which meant limits on many of the things I could do, including blogging.

I guess it’s just the neighborhoods I seem to live in, but whenever we lose electricity from a storm of whatnot, it seems to be for only a very short amount of time. This was easily the longest amount of time I went without it, and it was irritating to say the least. And that irritation led me to realize how privileged I am. Even without electricity, I could do a lot of whatever I wanted to do, from blogging from my phone to getting something from the not-so-cold fridge.

At first it was interesting, and I acted just like any other naive “adventurer” in that I thought it was fun to have to overcome the obstacles as if I was living in the Renaissance. But as evening approached, and the cold and darkness began creeping in, things started to change. It became less like a petty issue, and more like something that made living a little bit uncomfortable – there was no light so I could hardly see! Every time I would reach for the handy-dandy light switch, I would be returned with, instead of artificial light, disappointment. And annoyance.

It was freezing by 9:00 pm, and I was without any hot water. I was forced to shower/wash myself the “old-fashioned” way, which takes about an hour, if you use a cloth with soap and shampoo using only a sink, and boiled water (the stove stilled worked, thank goodness). Very uncomfortable process indeed.

light, sight, candle, living, glimmer

I quickly became dependent on such an ancient form of light.

But eventually, after I got past some of the incessant whining, I was able to realize how self-centered I was being. There are people that don’t know anything better that bathing once a week in the freezing cold river nearby. I, on the other hand was tasked with lasting a measly 12 hours, and I do so in the most complain-filled manner possible.

Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit on how badly I handled everything, but even still, this taught me a lot on what it would be like if I wanted to do work for humanity. “Think of the starving kids in Africa,” is a bit of an over-used phrase, but as a whole, we do need to raise our appreciation for what we’ve got. I hate to be so dark, but woman ought to feel blessed to live America or in another First World country instead of in a place where things like honor killings happen… *shudder*.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get across today is that humanity has always spent an unhealthy amount of time wanting better than what we’ve got. I do, and I recognize that. Although I see how that’s a great way for evolutionary thinking to take place in caveman days, I personally believe that humans are at the place where they don’t always have to be obsessed with what’s ahead, because we have the capacity to appreciate what we’ve got, even if we don’t use that ability enough. And for a great many of us, worrying about survival is a bit behind us.

Well that’s what I’ve got today. Share this with someone if it opened your eyes? Thanks :).



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