Our Impact

Hello once again,

What a hectic day, I must say. So many things happening all at the same time can mess with the brain quite a bit. And I don’t think my name has been called as many times in one day in my life.

For whatever reason, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the last year of my life, and particularly the changes in how I act and react and think. Something that I’ve imagined since I was very little, and sometimes still do ponder about, is having the ability to have a conversation with myself a year in the future, and a year in the past. I think that would make a fantastic book idea, because it could bring so much insight on what one has learned and where one will go in their life, either because of what they’ve learned or because of a lack of what they’ve learned.

I think the reason why I spent so much time reminiscing what has happened is that a year ago on this day, I did the same thing as today – it was a crazy day full of time and energy consuming work to complete a project for a large presentation that close to 500 people will see. The thing about the project is that it cannot really be done before the day of, and because of that, there is plenty of cause for stress. Currently I am waiting for the presentation to commence, and took this time to blog.

The thing that struck me as absolutely incredible is how differently I handled this project today, than I did last year. What occurred to me was that I’ve become far more involved in my community, and thus have been able to communicate to the people that would be able to assist me in my goal. And they did.

Which brings me to what I’ve learned from looking back: because of the effort and resources that I’ve poured into my life, I have been rewarded with more support, more experience, and a greater view on life. I led an event that did volunteer work, and maybe it’s just karma, but I feel like life is giving back.

Currently, yes, I’m feeling really good, but this is not always the case. When I’m down, it doesn’t feel like life is giving back. But In general, I feel more like I’m doing something worth my time, something that is worth more than money, that only living our lives fully can give us. I’m not saying I’m living life fully yet, I’m saying I’m going in that direction.

It’s because each and every person makes an impact in the world around them. They can impact in ‘negatively’ or ‘positively’, but all the same, a change in the fabric of reality is made. Changes are being made all the time, whether one likes it or not.

That’s what I realized today. Change is going to happen, and I have a voice, no matter how insignificant it may seem compared to 7,000,000,000 others. But by investing myself, I have made my voice stronger, more easily listened to. I know that it makes a change in the world, and even if the impact is microscopic, I have begun doing things that have what I believe to be a positive effect on the things around me.

And so can you. Anyone has the capability to do so. It doesn’t only have to be the biggest extrovert, or the loudest yeller. That’s why written words can be so powerful, and why I love them so much. Everyone is even in the land of writing.

Hope you liked what I had to say, and I’m off to Canada now, see you again with another full-on post on Monday or Tuesday!



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