Breaking Rules


Enough of the pictures of Canada! My true comfort resides within writing, and even though the act of taking pictures is fun, the short time I spent without writing full posts has left me missing the activity. So now I’m back.

I had a really interesting experience in Canada. Firstly, I put myself ‘out there’ during my time there. I tried new things. But beyond that, I come from a very conservative, white community, and the diversity that I saw in Vancouver, B.C. was something I wasn’t used to.

I’m not saying that as if it were a bad thing, I actually think it’s great. I wish everywhere had a little more of that. Because the world is not full of just one kind of person. It’s not just race that I’m referring to, but also religion, personalities, even living style, as I spoke about in this post. And by splitting ourselves up, we only get to see what a few of us are doing. That seems a little bit like eating only one bite of a slice of pie.

Anyway, enough on Canada. I have something I’ve been meaning to write about that finally truly hit me two days ago.

During our time at the market on Granville Island, we (my family) parked by a tennis court. Now, that would be a perfectly normal and later forgotten moment, if not for the fact that there was a sign that my little brother pointed out. It said:

No dogs allowed on court— MAX FINE $2000

And of course, there happened to be two dogs running around in the court in front of us. Ironic?

It brings up a major fundamental issue that will require more postings in the future. When is it okay to break rules/laws? Are they broken too often? Why are some even implemented?

I think that we can all agree that it’s a fact of life that rules are broken. Some occasionally, some consistently. But no one follows every rule all the time. I can say that I don’t personally agree with ever law currently in place, and I’m not alone. Especially since rules/laws have changed so many times in history. I see two categories for the regulations that one must often follow. The first kind of maxims exist because of moral values that human beings hold. Basically stuff that we see as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. For example, murder is something most of us can agree on being ‘wrong’. But isn’t there always more to the story, more than one perspective, more than one set of morals? Just like Occupy Wall Street that recently happened, it seems as if a lot of people rebel against the rules set by the ‘1%’, a.k.a. Big Brother. Looking back into the past, wasn’t it just a few influential men that became our Founding Fathers, the ones that wrote the laws that would govern America for hundreds of years on? They decided on many of the rules that hundreds of millions would later follow. Why and how did that happen?

Anyway, as I was saying earlier, there are two kinds of rules, and the other type is for personal gain. No longer are values of right and wrong in the picture (such as, say, the conflict of gay marriage), as some laws are thrown out that benefit only the strong and the powerful. I can list at least a dozen corporations that have used their massive influence to get there way, and you better bet I’ll write about them. But it’s a serious issue — how can one simply resist such laws?

Alright, I’ve decided to continue this tomorrow, but here’s my final thought of today: with the vastness of the world and the number of moral/personal demands made out there, aren’t we always going to break some rule, somewhere?

I will be back in a day,



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