Syria + The Mad Hatter

Happy Mid-Week,

How is everyone? I’m feeling lonely lately in the comments section. You see, one of my intentions when making this blog was to be able to kick-start some seriously thought-provoking conversations. And up to this point, it’s been slow going. Where is everyone? I’m getting 40 views daily!

Alright then, what have I got today? I have two things actually, something that’s new to this blog actually.

As I promised sometime last week, I have a story that was sent to me by a reader, and I’d like to share it today. Something that I’m always interested in is seeing new perspectives on an idea or a current event. But something that impressed me about this story is that it’s a new perspective on a very accepted and classic book – Alice In Wonderland. This author has written about the perspective of the Mad Hatter… I’ll let you read the rest. Click here if you’re interested. And if you want more from the author, click here. You can give a review too, which is a great way to make an impact. I really recommend the read though, because it is well written and very enthralling.

Anyway, the other thing I want to write about is actually something that I’m going to do some serious research on. I want to dissect what’s going on in Syria and understand why such open displays of violence and cruelty are first of all, happening, and secondly, going on for so long without serious action. I mean (and again, I’ll be more informed to blog about this in several days) I hear on the news that people, particularly kids and women, are being shot and killed for no apparent reason, and for the longest time, the government over there has done absolutely nothing to correct that.

This brings to mind what I was saying about corruption a few weeks ago, and this is possibly the most blatant example of it today. Why this is happening, I am at a loss. But I do know that the world has much to learn before this kind of thing stops happening. And I also know that things like money are being valued higher than human lives.

So I ask you, readers, to say what you think on the matter in the comments. This really is a serious issue, and although it may not affect many of us directly as it’s thousands of miles away, does that mean we should value it as a lesser problem? How can an issue like this be civilly solved?

Sorry to end on a dark note, see you tomorrow,



7 thoughts on “Syria + The Mad Hatter

  1. You wanted “to kick-start some seriously thought-provoking conversations?”
    Good. I love to argue.
    First off, I recognise your “loss” – lack of understanding. After all, you only brought up one point of view with “I know that things like money are being valued higher than human lives,” and ignored any other, thus failing to understand as well as failing to attempt to understand. You say you’re exasperated with your lack of reader comments, and here’s why: No one wants to read an obvious explanation of events. Still, good for a new blogger.
    Second, you make the rather brass assumption that the moral American will wish to civilly solve this problem or else box it up as lessor. But I believe neither. It’s a problem, perhaps, but not ours. Should our government concern itself so much with policing the world that we sacrifice our rights – and everyone else’s – for safety? Oh yes, I know you can argue that we already do, but we must strike a balance, right?
    Third, congratulations on graduating. You’re a very gifted kid, and obviousely destined to go far. Not many would do what you do; do not let your immense dedication to your hobby get in the wsay of enjoying it, though. (As I remember, you’re quite the perfectionest )

    • Teresa-

      Ah, well, I think I’ve got to redeem myself, don’t I? If you have read any of my other posts, I highly encourage you to do so, as they are better representations of what I am capable of relaying through writing.

      But alas, you are right – I should get to know the topic much more before I act as if I know anything about it. If there was anything that you wrote that I would disagree with, it would be your second point. As an american, yes I’m looking at the situation, but I do not think that America should get involved, or at least in the way that they have in the past. Look at what we’ve done to so many countries. No, rather, I think that the U.S. needs to solve it’s own problems first.

      What I am meaning to talk about regarding Syria is what is in humans to create and let things like this occur. It’s not in my place, especially as a single person, to try and figure out a countries’ struggles.

      • So talk. Why do we let things like this happen? In America, we say “global problems do not always require me to solve them” in part because we recognize the potential corruption of a single police force and in part because we don’t want another Libyan bloodbath on our hands. Is it wrong not to want another Libyan bloodbath on our hands?

      • Well of course it’s a delicate situation. On the one hand, you have all these children and people in general getting killed, and then of course, there is little action to correct these killings. But at the same time, if America or anyone else forcefully got involved, only more people would be killed in combat. And honestly I just don’t see justice in that. I wish there was a way for some organization to offer protection to those under threat, but again, is that a realistic thing to wish for? I’m certain that there’s way too much money involved in all of this to achieve something so involved. So I wonder what options are left for the poor people suffering over there.

  2. I commend you for bringing the issue up. You can be a real catalyst in many of us understanding what is happening over there. If there were more awareness, a lot could be done, even in the form of writing letters / posting on the Web and voicing how awful we think this is. It doesn’t have to mean fighting a war or stepping in to save the day, but done in a way that allows us to still participate and care about the world around us.

    As for the Alice piece, sorry, but I don’t have the time to read it. Maybe you can summarize!

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