Why Are We Here?


I’m off to another short trip, so forgive me if the next three days I have semi–short postings. It’s also a little hard to focus while you’re trying to relax by the pool. It’s not that writing isn’t enjoyable; it’s not that at all. I love writing. But it’s something that requires focus.

It’s great actually, and it is a welcome challenge every time I sit down to write. In fact, it really makes me think about things in a new way. But as I wrote in this post, I talk about how the world seem so full of everyone doing the things you’re doing, and often (it seems) in a better way. A lot of that is the negative brain chatter that we have that repeats our insecurities to us, but some of it’s true – there are millions of writers out there. Journalists, authors, editors, and bloggers to name but a few. It’s the same for almost every profession.

Rembrandt's Philosopher in Meditation (detail).

Why are we here? Where are we going? (detail). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I wonder, though, is where is it all leading? Where are we going, what are we doing, why are we here? There has to be something that all of us writers (and everyone else too) are moving towards, something that all the things we’re learning will culminate to. Yes, I believe we live life to learn about all kinds of things, from morals to pain, or suffering. But when I ask why are we here, I’m wondering what the ultimate goal is, where everything will eventually culminate to.

What I know is that we treat life like a race, with different competitions from fastest driver to the best at driving. Everyone is going full-throttle. But where is the final destination? We all have different beliefs, but the road in front of us hasn’t ended yet, so there’s no point in stopping. And we’re not yet forced to stop and re-fuel.

What if the road ends suddenly and after that is just… Emptiness? What then? Maybe I’m an optimist, but that seems like an awful way to end after learning about things like trust, respect, and love.

I know that this goes deep into the land of philosophy and what the “meaning of life” is. The thing that’s difficult about that is that everyone is going to have a different opinion of what that meaning is. It only makes sense – life means something unique to each of us.

Anyway, off to the pool I go, to do some more contemplating. There is so much more that I can say, so I’ll say more tomorrow, and if you want your ideas incorporated in the second and possibly third posting I do on this, comment!



11 thoughts on “Why Are We Here?

  1. I think a big part of this crazy life we live is having fun, something most of us don’t do (or enough of). Just like you, we should be diving into a pool and just enjoying. I also think that deep in that water is where the mystery lies. If we could spend more time immersed in that quiet we could learn so much about why we’re here.

  2. The final destination is the end of life. The route taken however, has mostly been imposed by our societies. First, we are conceived, nurtures as a child, grow into adulthood, become of age and eventually independent, pair up and procreate thus repeating the cycle until we start to age, debilitate and die.

    Animals follow a very similar path, you can also argue that plants do too, seedlings fall into the ground, sprout,,, you get the picture…

    And why you ask? Because that’s what our collective organisms have been programmed to do! Humans, animal, plants, even nature has it’s take but I rather not mix atmospheric conditions nor cosmology into an already controversial topic.

    Where does it lead? For us the grave, for animals mostly the same, some eaten, some to the dirt, some may even end up as soap! And for plants? Your nice oak table is a nice example!

    Just like the meteor, or rather meteorite that you saw burn across the night sky, you witnessed its demise at that particular time and place, it existed long before you were born, long before ANY human were born…most likely from the creation of our solar system some couple+ billions years ago, maybe you were placed here so the meteor would not dissapear unnoticed, so you could see it!…. I rather think that it all goes back to the Big Bang theory, the carbons, proteins and eventually the beginnings of monocellular organisms leading to all the way to this very same post!
    It just happened, man! Enjoy the pool! It’s nice out!

    • Tee-

      I’m intrigued by your view. You seem to have a very clear view of what life is. I’m not saying you’re wrong on anything, but you seemed to ignore the fact that so much evolution has occurred since the Big Bang (I figured if you believe in the Big Bang, you would believe in evolution). And when I say that I mean to ask that you think evolution was a mistake or some sort of coincidence?

      Also I want to know what you think happens after death? Nothing at all? Time stops? Or do you believe we re-enter the void of nothingness we came from?

      Haha and thanks, it was very refreshing 🙂

      • Hey!

        I’m far, far from actually knowing or having a clear view, don’t let my big mouth fool ya! …but I guess that I have become fairly comfortable with my philosophical point of view, and all due credit goes to many like you who started asking the questions, some long, long ago!

        And yes! Of course that I believe in evolution! I think that I hinted that when I mentioned carbons, proteins and conditions leading to the first simple-cell organism. I do believe that it was a chain of event, based on the little biology that I recall from school. I don’t like to use the word mistake, though. I prefer to say that it was more along the lines of coincidental by nature.

        I think that our opinions are highly biased on our personal beliefs, cultural background and academic knowledge in general, unfortunately, none of them gives us a true definitive answer and we are left with our own thoughts.

        About what happens after death? I just happen to write a post about it a couple days ago http://tonyjromero.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/the-other-side/ Oh! And I don’t mean to push my own post and or agenda, I apologize, it’s just that I really, really wrote about it! But to spare you from my torturous writing, I will summarize it for you. Probably nothing! I hope for something tho, but I believe that we simply cease to exist, as consciousness fades and the brain fails to produce any activity at all… burn me, bury me or turn me into the creepiest coat hanger! We are done!

        Lastly, I like to think of multi levels, dimensions, entertain myself with the endless possibilities, but that’s the price that we have to pay for being the most intelligent critter on this planet (Ahem! We can prolly argue that too!) so basing my opinion on what we know as this time and age and excluding religion, that’s my take.

      • Okay so I like what you say, and I’m not going to argue about it any further.

        I know that we are all biased in our beliefs, but although i do not believe in any Heaven that is generally accepted, I have my own beliefs that motivate me forward. So if you don’t think really anything happens, what motivates you to make things happen in this lifetime if they’re all for nothing? What’s the point for you?

  3. Sorry, I thought that arguing or rather debating is what these sort of topics are all about.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “motivation” or why anyone would even need any motivation at all to live!? (Excluding mental health issues or severe physical suffering)

    I do have basic primal needs such as shelter, my house offers me protection and security, nourishment to fuel my body’s energy consumption and companionship, such as from my lover, family, friends, acquaintances and even random people, they all provide me in different ways with social stimulation.

    Perhaps meeting these simple basic needs is my motivation, I honestly never thought that I needed to be motivated at all, happy to be here now. I do have very mundane responsibilities to meet like work, pay bills, etc… but somehow that dulls the romantic aspect of it and cheapens the question of what and why about life, but if you need motivation, those too play a bit of a role.

    As far as to the point of it all? Again, because I exist and I’m here now, we forget out basic needs and get ourselves so far ahead that we get lost on our own convulated version of theories. The point is, if you stop breathing, stop eating and get exposed to severe conditions, then you will die! So that’s the point, because we are alive, for now.

    • I didn’t mean to say I would stop arguing all together, just that I wanted to move on to something I was more interested in.

      And I’m afraid I don’t get your argument. You say we don’t need motivation to live? Without motivation, I wouldn’t want to do anything, particularly things that are essential to keep me alive (eat, drink, take care of myself). Without motivation, nothing would be worth going for. You need motivation to make things happen in life, to invest with effort to get back. If you don’t do that, you get nothing back.

  4. Why are we here? I have to say first of all that no one can determine exactly why, but we can know that there is a reason for our existence. For a more detailed explanation, please check my blog, the “Is there any meaning?” post. Why do I personally think we are here? I think we are here to make our characters better. By that I mean something that’s harder to understand. Let me try to be clear. We all know for sure that there is this little voice in our head which tells us what we OUGHT to do. This voice is independent of what we have been thought by society. For example, when we’re rude to someone, this voice immediately jumps up and goes like: “No no, you ought to be nice to them”. So this “law” exists, regardless of whether we follow it or not. Well I think our purpose is to learn to obey this law. To learn to do what’s objectively right, and not what’s best for us, or for our pride. Otherwise why would there be such a voice telling us what we OUGHT to do all the time?

    • I sort of follow your logic. At the same time, I believe there is a whole lot more, on top of the that little voice in your head, that we need to learn about. Seeing, feeling, participating in experiences. What is friendship, trust, love? These are among the many things I believe we’re here for.

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