Many Struggles Are Struggles Because We Make Them So

Hello all,

We near the end of the week, and I must say, things have been changing quickly in my life. So much can happen over the course of a week, but it seems to move so quickly.

Anyway, back to where I left off yesterday… Why are we here?

In search of an answer I could tangibly write, I was thinking about something that the Buddha allegedly said after he became Enlightened, and I think it’s worth a lot of consideration since he made it so far in understanding life.

Firstly, I should say that once Enlightened, the Buddha spoke a lot about connections between things. He spoke about how “good” could not exist without “evil” as they are part of a balance, and without one, the other could not exist. These kinds of symmetries became apparent to him in his new level of insight.

There was one thing that he said, which I read a while ago in a book called Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment (a fictional book that took many real life events and constructed a powerful story) by Deepak Chopra.

The thing that he said that stuck with me went along the lines of: “Many struggles in life are struggles because we make them struggles.” This is said by the Buddha after he had battled metaphorically with demons like Mara during his meditation.

I take a lot from that quote. We as people get lost within the sea of material things available in our modern world. We get distracted and pursue the things that will never feed our soul – material pleasure is transient and only contributes to the pain-pleasure cycle that seems to run our lives. This is why I love the saying, “the best things in life are free”, because what really matters doesn’t have a price tag (I’m talking about relationships and emotional values, of course things that essential for survival like food have a cost).

There’s also another meaningful way to look at it – human beings have almost always fought force with force, and violence with violence. We struggle and force through much of our lives and most of what we encounter. We want to control other’s actions and thoughts, but what does that gain you in terms of fulfillment in your own life? As I was talking about before in terms of meaning of life, where does controlling others get you? More power. Except it’s not real power, it’s material power, and true power resides within one’s self through confidence and trust in one’s own ability.

What does this quote mean in the grand scheme of things? It means we have to rediscover and learn about the simple things in life. Fighting about something has it’s time and place for the things you truly find important. We need to stop struggling through everything and allow more acceptance in our lives for others and ourselves (we all have parts of ourselves that we don’t like).

Forget about what happens after death, I believe that that will bring you to a higher level of living and existence in general. Because with an open mind, you can be so much more, as one’s judgments limit themselves more than anyone else.



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