The Pros and Cons of Routine


I realize my postings are rather late lately, but at least I’m writing. I can’t time when I am inspired, but even more difficult is how long it takes me to articulate these deep thinkings – 1-2 hours a day. 🙂 So down to business.

What are my thinkings directed towards? It’s odd, but I don’t feel “deep” right now.

I’m noticing cycles of thoughts that I have, based partially on my environments, but also because of the things I continuously encounter. These cycles happen for everyone. I mean, much of the basic structure of our lives revolve around routine, and routine is very difficult to escape, considering humans have several needs for survival that come up at regular intervals (hunger, the need for sleep, etc.). Routine can also be a healthy thing, a source of comfort. When my routine changes too much too quickly, I often become frazzled and lose track of where I am. Routine reminds me where that place. Even more interesting to me, I believe I can spot interesting details in my life during the more “normal” moments in my life, where I’m not looking around, wide-eyed, and trying to take all the big things in.

But like I wrote in a piece reminiscing moments slip by, routine can dull the mind. Too much of the same thing diminishes the drive and openness of the mind to explore the unexplored. Also, easy routine does not require much creative or abstract thinking, if at all, and thus that part of the mind would naturally become weak and unpracticed. This is seen in many, many older people. The people waiting for time to take them away instead of making the most of their time here.

Also, I personally believe that it’s healthy to keep the mind sharp by using it, and when one

Healthy brain (bottom) versus brain of a donor...

Healthy brain (bottom) versus brain of a donor with Alzheimer’s disease. Notable is the “shrink” that has occurred in Alzheimer’s disease; the brain was decreased in size. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

doesn’t use the brain, it would logically lose it’s sharpness. With that, I believe different brain diseases like Alzheimer’s are far more prone to a weak mind.

Sadly, though, a common use of routine in one’s life, is to hide. Nowadays, it’s easy to find routines that are safe, that avoid material pain of certain kinds (you won’t be able to avoid emotional pain if you don’t invest in your life, no matter the medication you use).

I realize that it’s not always the best to push yourself. Taking it easy can be live-saving/changing, but like I said before, routines can and do dull the mind if taken with the wrong intentions. As I read in the book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, the protagonist is an 83 year old that has been living in more or less the same way all his life – and he heavily regrets not doing more.

Life is all about adventure, and I can’t fathom why one would squander such a chance at having an inexplicably beautiful experience. I must repeat the things I say in almost all my thinkings – your life is what you make it, so face your fears and invest into your life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must return to my routine.



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