You Know Your Friends For a Reason

Hello everyone,

Have you ever contemplated where and how you would meet the next friend to enter your life? It’s such a striking thought for me – the important people in you life make all the difference. So is the first time you meet them a special moment? You better bet it.

Whether you believe in fate or not (which I do, partially – that’s another posting), meeting someone will change you. Fate doesn’t even have to be a part of the equation. Spending a lot of time with anyone will change you, no matter what. We imitate and innovate, almost always from others’ ideas. Also, different energies people have, and interactions that occur should be accounted for. In a nutshell: being with people will change you, so pick the right people to be with.

I like to think of people as lines, despite my best efforts to be more abstract. These lines all

English: This is a diagram describing intersec...

Our Souls Shall All Cross (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

existence in a gigantic, multi-dimensial, space. The lines are always moving, some thriving, others struggling. But all of them are intersecting, crossing and interacting in a line-like way.

These lines are our lives, and we impact each other in ways we often cannot begin to comprehend. Imagine all the people you see everyday, whether you know them or not. Waving at a neighbor, smiling to a stranger, shaking hands with a new acquaintance.

But there’s something just thought provoking about meeting someone that will affect you in a big way. It doesn’t have to be a positive influence, like a friend – you could find yourself facing a new “tormentor” that provides one with their next set of obstacles to grapple with. Right now though, I want to focus on the positive connections one makes, often without meaning to.

Think about any fictional or non-fictional movie about life. The two that come to mind are Forest Gump, and The Shawshank Redemption. Now in both of these, the different characters alter the direction of the main character’s life. Either they bond together, or propel each other in different directions.

The same happens in our lives. That’s why the notion of meeting someone soon to become your friend and spending a lot of your time with can be almost magical – you wonder what new things you’ll learn and experience you’ll gain.

Above that, you have to wonder what else you will gain from the bond – much needed support or companionship, someone to speak about things others would never understand. What about great moments to be shared? Finding a new bond like that feels almost like a victory in life, like one is “reaping the rewards” of living well, or living openly.

Most importantly to me, what lessons will you learn? Why have they become a part of your life? These are the things I contemplate for hours at a time, because I wonder what the universe has thrown my way, and why. What must I be paying more attention to? Only time will tell why our lines intersect.

Who is your next friend going to be?



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