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I was thinking about the juxtaposition that is so apparent in the universe we are in. We live in a place that we cannot fathom to comprehend in size alone, and yet our minuscule problems are often the ones that capture and contain our entire attention, thus forcing us to live in a tiny bubble of consciousness.


Simplicity (Photo credit: DreamScribe)

I suppose the reason why this gets me thinking is due to the fact that I believe this can be changed very… simply. Everything goes down to those little details preventing you from seeing the bigger picture. If you look at the flower in painting of a landscape, you don’t see  everything else.

Now, I’ve spoken before about how great details can be, and how the “little things” in life make all the difference. They can and do make life special and individualized, bringing it to a new level. I haven’t changed my mind about that, nor should I have for any reason. The details I’m speaking of are of a different kind. They deserve a different name, a more negative name, in my eyes – complications.

In modern society, pretty much everyone has a lot on their mind, with tons of stuff going on: things to do, things to say, things to remember. Often times everything can become too complicated and convoluted. Never lie – that hurts everyone involved, and adds to complications.

Simplicity can deliver the most powerful impact, the greatest message. That’s why I love simple, powerful speeches. I love almost all kinds of poetry, or rather, I’m amazed by the art form, because they can send such a powerful message in such a simple way.

I think that by simplifying, we as a people would be bringing ourselves closer to God (that can the Christian God, or it can be true happiness, or purity, or anything that motivates simplicity). All these distractions keep us at at a shallow level of living. I believe a simple life can be a pure life, and one filled with understanding about life. Why do I say this?

Simplicity - Gandhi's silhouette

Simplicity – Buddhist Monk (Photo credit: Sudhamshu)

I believe everything in our little complicated world, every material object, is just an illusion. This is something that Buddhist monks have spoken about – something to get passed and overcome to arrive at the real beauties of life. Emotion, understanding, things we can’t even comprehend yet. There is so much we must learn, but our attention is on things like “stupid TV”. The world is full of things to see, and feel and experience, but I always say that it’s the stuff you don’t see that’s worth the extra attention.

Simplicity doesn’t allow as much indulgence in the material, thus allows for more space to grow as a person. Humans have to rediscover what’s really important. Is it the donut for breakfast, or the discovery of meditation. It’s different for everyone, so I’m not going to give you a handbook to follow. You have to discover it for yourself.

What I will say is that the simplest things in life, if we stop trying to complicate them, are often the most powerful. Small actions change lives. We all resonate and are attracted to different things, but when it really comes down to it, doesn’t everything stem from the same beginning? Aren’t we all one, and one all?

What can you simplify in your life?



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