Something really got to me yesterday. It’s something that I believe needs more recognition. A lot of stuff in our world is horribly neglected, much like certain aspects of each and everyone’s own personal life. That’s a fact – everyone has stuff to improve on, and that is reflected on Earth as a whole.

Here’s the thing though – it’s such a tiny, easily changed aspect of life. It’s so, so small, but as I’ve said before, these little things change lives. They really do. I have seen and experienced such things.

It’s the importance of smiling. Honest smiling, not any of that fake crap you see plastered

Smile ~

Smile ~ (Photo credit: Sanctuary photography → No Longer Active)

on so many people’s faces. The kind that rises from within your chest, the very center of your being. The way you naturally express your feelings on happiness in a way words never will.

When you see a real, simple, powerful, joy-filled smile, not only does the smiler feel it, but so do onlookers with enough awareness to be out of their own little bubble. You feel it. The whole concept for this post was thought up when I felt my dad’s smile. It’s just such a great feeling of purity.

I’m talking about the kind of smiling you have when you get an unexpected compliment, or you witness something surprisingly beautiful. Maybe you’re happy because you are proud of an accomplishment. Whatever it is, it feels natural. Not the smile you have when you just successfully pranked someone (different kind of energy). Yesterday I smiled because I got a fantastically simple and perfect text. That was a real smile – it made my day.

Smiling should never be forced. If you don’t smile for a whole day, that’s fine, but I recommend you find more things to smile about.

And in terms of changing our habits, smiling is something I really think we can all do more of. Pure smiling about friendship, smiling about the great things in your life, smiling about love. Take the feeling that is normally shoved down, and embrace it, show it to everyone. I want to see it.

It’s scientifically proven that we smile before we’re even born. Also, smiling lengthens life, because it reduces stress. So why ever hold that back?

The sad thing about smiling, though, is that it is more often fake and used as a facade than a true window into one’s feelings. Professional gymnasts actually have smiles choreographed into their routines. They probably practice smiling. It shows how disconnected things are in the land of feelings.

So as I said before, there are parts of ourselves that we neglect, and for everyone it’s different. But as a collective unit, I believe we should use smiling as the first step for positive change. Learn to freely smile, and show it to anyone who will look. It’s healthy to smile, so with that, let’s take the first step for Earth to grow in the right direction.

I can’t stop smiling now. 🙂



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