What Am I?

What am I?

What is it that I am?

Just an idea, a thought, a mere coincidence,

A complicated bit of nothingness?


Am I just a billion particles,

Meaningless alone, meaningless together,

Am I but a blip in time, no wait – time doesn’t exist,

Do I exist…. will I ever?


What’s the point of my presence,

The point of my existence,

Any existence, every existence,

Is it all just empty substance?


Where am I going, what am I doing,

In a world full of atoms,

Atoms worth nothing,

A world worth nothing,


It’s not, I’m not,

Worthless at all,

As the nothingness is just,

Another layer, another pall,


There is something more,

Everything more,

Hidden behind,

The giant, meaningless door,


What is it that’s there,

For me to find,

The beauty of myself,

The greatest riddle of all time,


I’m stuck on the material level,

I’m that enormous door,

I’m worthless and pointless,

But I am also so much more,


I am a person,

A dot without a name,

I am capable of anything,

Once I escape from this game,


What am I?

I am nothing, I am everything




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