Auras and Energy

Hello everybody,

I’ve been thinking about energies. More specifically the energy that a person or thing has with it. I know these energies exist because I can feel them. Some people have a calmness about them, while others are more sporadic. Sometimes you relate, sometimes you don’t. Just as certain personality types lean on each other for support naturally, I believe certain people are attracted to certain energies, whether they’re aware of it or not.

This energy that is the fabric of our world, also known as an “aura” when in the context of people, well and truly shapes our lives. I know that at our core, we’re all just energy taking different shapes and forms.

This all stems from the belief that everything as we know it doesn’t have a “beginning” or “end”, but simply derives from the same, ever-present and ever-existing energy. That very energy is what holds everything together and is part of what creates “deeper connections” and otherwise non-material bonds. We humans are a part of that energy, and in our day to day lives, reach out and connect with many, many other auras.

Every time we reach out to each other, we affect each other in some way, however minute. Also, our energy as a collective, affects the world around us. We manifest what we think about, what feels, what we are. Thus, one may see much negativity as a reflection that many individuals are feeling negative and affecting the things around them with that kind of spirit.

Similar auras will attract each other. More and more, people in my life are sharing the interests that I have, and that’s because my actions and the energy about me is connecting with others’. I carry the wisdom and experience that I have with me, and people will naturally be drawn to the things that they are/want to be with.

That’s not to say every person you cross paths with is someone you’ll be friends with. People are often inexplicably triggered by others’ and it can be anything from jealousy to intimidation. I personally have met people I could not get along with, because the brusqueness (as an example) of their aura was something my own aura was not compatible with. I’m sure my own energy has repelled certain people.

This is ultimately meaningless, albeit interesting, unless you put it into context with your life. There are things none of us can change – fate, who we are as people. But there are things that we can change as well, such as parts of our auras based off the actions that we make. Perfectly put:

Be the change you want to see.


Create the world you want to live in by being the architect – do the things you want others around you to do. I heard this often as a little kid: “Treat others how you would like to be treated”.

We adults quickly forget that that is often exactly what we aren’t doing.



4 thoughts on “Auras and Energy

  1. Resonance. Some people we resonate with, a few we resonate with a whole lot. Others, not at all. I love it when I find someone I resonate with on a deep level. It rarely happens but when it does it is like a perfect waltz. By moonlight.

    • I love your word choice, and you’re absolutely correct. It’s frustrating though when an outsider tries to force a relationship and does not understand there there is absolutely no connection to be made.

      • You have this problem, of outsiders trying to force a connection when you don’t feel anything back? Does it extend to those of us commenting on your blog?

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