You Know Your Way Home

Hello everyone,

It’s Sunday, will another week soon to commence. My thinkings are directed towards the value of “finding your life”. That’s my way of saying how momentous it is to know who you are. If you know yourself, your life will have so much more direction.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to find your footing in life and lead it the way you want to. It’s your life after all, and despite all the pressure society places on focusing on others, you’re the most important person to yourself, and you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

I read a book recently that is perhaps the perfect example of this. When you don’t know where you are, and you’re doing things you don’t want to/don’t understand, life can be a confusing and hard place. Like I always say, you have to be brave and honest, and look within to see what you’re doing that’s not working. Step into the unknown, explore what hurts and what’s holding you back.

You Know Your Way Home by Suzanne Jauchius (photo credit:

You Know Your Way Home by Suzanne Jauchius (photo credit:

You Know Your Way Home, by Suzanne Jauchius is a book that retells the true story of a psychic woman (Jauchius herself) that is lost and unhappy. Over the course of her fascinating life, though, she discovers what really matters to her, and she sheds the things in her life that are holding her back – including five husbands.

The thing about this book that hits the chord within me is how Jauchius describes and faces her issues about being alone and misunderstood. I’m not alone in saying that I sometimes feel the same way. Being psychic, Suzanne often struggled with a lack of acceptance for who she was. Her journey is incredible from start to finish.

Not only is the story itself absolutely enthralling, but the entire book is written with inspiration. Suzanne displays immense courage in reiterating painful and private moments in her life. The struggles that she faced, we all eventually have to face. Challenges and obstacles can be overcome if don’t let fear stop you.

I highly recommend the read! You can look into it a bit more here:



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