Slowwww Down


Ah, well, there are many things that I have still to learn.

Speed seems to be everything for people now. Not only does it seem as though there are technological advancements daily, but everything is instant now. Texting/Social Networking/Skype – it’s all so immediate. Everything is in your face, trying to suck up some of your attention and time and money.

Everyone wants faster, better, more efficient. If you have the newest iPhone, you’re cool. People will give you more attention, guaranteed.

What we forget as we grow into this accelerating maelstrom of digital connecting, is that it’s


Never does there seem to be the time to stop. (Photo credit: antony_mayfield)

affecting our entire lives. Our entire life suddenly has to be faster, better, more efficient. There’s no time for breaks if you want to be successful.

If you can’t get enough sleep, there are “solutions” for that too. Please welcome our good friend caffeine. A consistently used short-term solution. It’s unhealthy to rely on such “quick-fixes” to say the least.

That’s where many of us have gone. At the velocity that everything is going, it’s impossible to keep up otherwise. Want to make more money? Push yourself harder. I have heard of lawyers making an excess of money but never being able to take breaks or vacation, because the line of work that they are in constrains them from doing so. When does one plan so end the vicious cycle?

That’s completely missing the point of living. You don’t come into your life with anything material, and you leave without a single material thing, so why make it the goal of your life to compile something ultimately meaningless (in terms of growing as a person)?

I recognize that there is now a certain level of necessity to money in living, and there’s no escaping that. Again, it’s a balance – losing yourself in material pleasures vs. abstaining so much as to not enjoy life. Finding that balance is crucial, and one of the keys to moving in the right direction.

I say these things today, because I myself have come across those exact issues. I’ve become very fixated on the success of this blog, the success of everything in my life. My achievements are never enough, as I must always be better. There is no way to keep up, to always be able to move faster and faster.

The solution? Slow down. It may seem like a contradictory statement, but it make sense. Obviously accelerating to higher levels of speed is harmful and not working. What’s the definition of insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

–Albert Einstein

Life is an awful and frustrating place if whatever it is that you’re doing is never good enough. It all stems from how you choose to view your life, and the perspective that you choose to have. A failure for one can be a success for another. You’re the only one that can pick which you’d like to view things as.

Possibly the most important part of slowing down? Many beauties of life are subtle and hidden, and can only be found with patient eyes. For me, this is where much of the value of living resides. Gluing yourself to your computer, although an amazing tool, will bring your quality of living down a bit.

Slowing down in your life allows for more space to listen to what your mind and body are feeling in response to the things around you. One can exist more ‘in the moment’ and truly extract things otherwise impossible to find in life. You can find your bliss if you don’t race through life.

So slow down and re-evaluate what really matters to you – these are the things that should always take top priority. And if you value them enough, you’ll make them happen.



6 thoughts on “Slowwww Down

  1. Slowing down is a good advice. I have pondered about this idea myself, and I certainly agree with you. The advancement of technology has set life in fast forward. I also pondered that deep thinking can only be achieved when the mind is calm, humble, and most importantly patient. I believe, an Impatient mind is a foolish and undisciplined mind. Look at life universally, see that every beauty blossoms with patience. You cannot plant a seed and expect a rose bloom at the next sun rise. It takes time, patience for beauty blossom. I think because of this, patience is a natural thing that should exercised. Advancement of technology prevents that from happening, it could also be looked at as another reason why technology will be humanities downfall to ancient times.

    • Very, very true. Patience is a part of everything. The problem, though, is that when you live a life that is surrounded by this accelerated way of living, you can easily lose yourself. Naturally, it’s difficult to be unique like this, particularly because of the way this society is built. It saddens me where we are, but I think that if we remind ourselves constantly not to rush through everything, eventually it will become habit.

  2. I agree with you that we need to learn to slow down and savor a bit of life once in awhile. It seems that the more technology we buy in order to “save time”, the less time we have to do the things we really want to accomplish — what a paradox!

    • Precisely. And the question that I always ask myself is what exactly “saving time” really means. Because you’re not saving any time, really, you’re just wasting it. Facebook for example, although a great tool, will not move you forward spiritually, and thus isn’t “saving time” for you.

  3. For me, the question is “what are we rushing toward?” more money? More personal aggrandizement and accolades? Instead, how about more love, more time, more gratitude toward those who show acts of kindness in this thing we call life?

    • Absolutely. We always have to stop and remind ourselves of the important things, because we can easily lose ourselves in our distractions. What will money bring you in the long run? Nothing really.

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