A Word of Advice


Today was very long and action-packed, so a very short and late post for you.

It is true that I also had hardly any time to do any sort of trademark “deep thinkings”.

What I can say from my experiences of the day, of this summer, of this year, of my life, is that time zips right by far, far too quickly. We get caught up in our temporary and often ultimately meaningless problems. I personally let much of my anxiety and fear, worries and anguish take over. When I’m in that mode of feeling, it consumes my thoughts and awareness and ultimately brings down my appreciation on life.

I know it’s easy to say these things than to do them. I’m aware of that. But I believe it’s a good thing to keep in mind – too much stress is very harmful, and many of us stress far too much.

Also, one will find that it’s usually just a small switch of mindset to step “above” the current issue. Tendencies to worry have gotten to the point of being habits, and I think we should start to change that about our lives. Think about it.

That’s all I have to say for today. I apologize for being so concise, but at the same time, I think doing this makes my message a lot clearer.

I’m not sure if I will be able to blog tomorrow, although I’ll try. Have yourself a fun Friday the 13th!



2 thoughts on “A Word of Advice

  1. This is so true and we do worry to much and get stressed too much! …and life whizzes past us too quickly. It is good to remind and nudge people with a blog like this.

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