All Pain Is Temporary


I’m back again! Even though it’s only been two days since I’ve done a full-on posting, it feels like it’s been an eternity. It feels great to have the time to sit down and focus on writing again.

What do I have to say for today? It’s a pretty normal and calm day. Slow. Fairly painless. And this is all piques my interest and attention, because the lack of excitement truly capitalized a point for me that is very noteworthy about life as a whole.

Pain is temporary. It does not last, it cannot stay forever. It comes and it goes many times, over the course of our physical existence.

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice

Hey, who said they are all bad? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pain will find us all. I use the word “pain” to describe anything uncomfortable or preferably avoidable, along with the traditional definition of the word. From drinking the unpleasant vegetable juice, to severe depression, pain comes to us in different forms (note that for the former example, the pain I’m speaking of is the struggle to avoid the juice, as the drink itself will not inflict pain. This exemplifies the fact that many forms of pain are self-inflicted.).

It’s part of a cycle that creates our lives. The Pain-Pleasure cycle, as I like to call it. Neither end of the spectrum lasts forever, and neither pain, nor pleasure, can exist without the other. This is what keeps us on the material level, and moving beyond this cycle results in a

English: Paintings of Buddha meditating

Pain didn’t stop the Buddha. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

transition to the next level of existing. “Rising above”, as many would put it. Buddha is a great example, in his journey for Enlightenment through extreme austerity and other means. He did not allow pain to stop him, and thus moved forward in his growth.

When I say these things, I do not mean that pleasure must be left behind. I mean that material pleasure should eventually be seen for what it is, and thus be left behind. I don’t believe that the word ‘pleasure’ should be used in reference to something felt through physical means, as true pleasure does not depend on physical things, it is found within.

At the same time, we live on Earth, a place of material things. We’re all human, and indulging in such things is a part of living on Earth. I, and everyone else, indulge in physical things, and that should be an accepted fact of life, as many of us (me) are not yet ready to give up such things. It is when one loses themselves amongst the material wonders our world has, that material “pleasure” goes to far. Although it may seem like a paradox, unhappiness will ensue.

When one dies, it is believed that all worldly pains are left behind. By my logic, so do all worldly pleasures. It is said, though, that there is a distinct feeling of bliss that is unlike anything found on Earth. This is pleasure from within, found only from yourself and God (whatever you definition of the word is), which I believe is a part of who you are. Read this for more on that.

This also leads me to dis-believe in the orthodox Hell. Yes, I believe there are hells – places of pain and suffering. Some of these we create for ourselves. But I do not believe that they last forever, by any means. We’re all equal, and we all make mistakes, but no fault should be punished by eternal suffering.

Where am I going with this, you ask? I suppose these words are meant to be comforting and hopefully guiding. Comfort, because no matter what pain you’re in, you will move past it eventually, as it cannot plague you forever. And guidance, as this is yet another reminder of mine to remember to find and focus on the important things in life worth discovering – it’s different for everyone. I believe we will all move beyond this cycle eventually and keep on exploring the things that grow us as people.

In the meantime, let pain be your teacher on where to go and what to do. Don’t always shy away from discomfort. And remember that all pain is temporary.



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