Ideas – The Beginnings of Everything


It’s Sunday, so I’m going to keep it short today. That’s because today is a restful day, and not many people read blogs on Sunday anyway.

I suppose what I’ve been noticing in particular today is the concept of ideas. What are ideas, where do they come from, why do they come to us?

It’s such a unique thing to ponder about, considering everything in our modern day world started with an idea or a collection of ideas. It’s fascinating just to fantasize about who came up with what ideas, but even more so how they have evolved – where they have gone, what they have become, where they are going.

I like to think about ideas in relation to literature, as a starting point. How physical objects, like a special pair of shoes, can inspire the ideas for a world that exists in our imaginations. All writing is a reflection of how one perceives the world, and many ideas spark other ideas.

Then I look at the rest of the world, and I can hardly fathom all that I am attempting to understand. Who came up with the invention of straws? Who decided we should use stop lights for traffic? Who thought up the idea to use headphones? There is so much out there, with so much history behind everything. I love the show How It’s Made, but even they cannot express the culture that these ideas collectively create. Ideas are the beginnings to everything. The have built up what the world is today.

So what if the internet, or the lightbulb, or even the zipper were never invented as they were in our reality? How would things be different? This spills into the theories of parallel universes and alternate realities. I won’t go so much into that today, as it’s Sunday, but that is something to which I will certainly return.

The point I’m trying to get at is that everything, everything has a story behind it. It’s why our world has so many kinds of “unique.” These ideas have been left to evolve, to grow into new things. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for not. They blend together and become new things. The amount of possibility is limitless.

And I think that this is part of what makes that specialness that’s often inexplicable about life. There is such an intricate, beautiful web of history that together builds up our lives. And all of this begins with simple notions, simple conceptions from you or me.

Think on that.



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