Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean

We’re creatures blessed with voices. A tool that’s as powerful as we make it. The truly talented speakers of our world can deliver beautiful and life-changing messages with their voices alone.

A powerful voice is one filled with confidence, one that speaks the truth and can be trusted. It is music to the ears and rings with accuracy to the heart.

A true voice does not require sound. The voice one has can shine through writing and art, through actions. It’s the way we communicate to the world, consciously of not. Every person has a voice, just as they have a personality. In fact it often seems one’s voice is a reflection of their personality.

Yet many of these voices in our world are lying, dishonest. They’re weak and insecure. Instead of create music to be enjoyed, they contribute to a cacophony of noise. These voices are but a shadow of what they could be, as they speak much but say little.

It is an extension of the self and capable of infinite possibilities. The only limit is it’s master… you.

Discover your voice. Use it with full belief. No one can stop you.



One thought on “Mean What You Say, Say What You Mean

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