You’re The Hero of Your Own Life

Hello again, welcome to a rather fine Tuesday afternoon.

I suppose there’s no point dawdling – what are my thinkings of the day?

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You’re The Hero of Your Own Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone suggested to me something several weeks ago that at first I thought was silly, but now realize how powerful a thing it is. As conveniently said in the title: you are the hero of your own life. Simple as that.

Now the first thing I thought when I saw that was how egotistical a view that is. Self-centered. Selfish. Something someone that never thinks about anyone else would say. And I realized that it’s all down to the context, because that statement doesn’t have to mean that at all.

Like I’ve written about before, society seems to stress selfless-ness as an attribute, even though behind the scenes there are horrible amounts of corruption and selfishness. I’m suppose all that matters is if you’re caught or not.

But this isn’t a selfish thing – it’s a necessary thing. Recognizing who you are and what you’ve done is crucial in remembering what the important things in life are for you. I can’t express how many times I’ve lost myself because I’ve ignored who I was and what I valued, and instead focused all my energy on others. The best way I’ve can think to describe the it is that it feels like your a rag doll that being tossed and thrown around helplessly.

I always say that life is about growing yourself. Becoming a better person. Working on the things you’re not good at. None of that requires butting into other people’s business. I speak about humility and humbleness and not letting your ego or your pride lead you to do things you’d later regret. But looking at yourself as being the “hero” of your own life is hugely important because I believe you honor who you are and who’s life you’re living (your  own). Modesty is overrated in that way. Seeing and accepting something like that grounds you as a person. You’ll feel more stability.

This is not something meant to swell one’s ego and enforce arrogance. I see it as something that you can remember to appreciate yourself and guide you when things get tough. You can help guide others, but not until you’ve helped yourself.

You’re the hero of your own life… don’t shy away from that!



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