A man comes up to meet me,

He asks me what he wants to know,

I tell him what I have to say,

He listens, rises and goes,


Another approaches my presence,

To ask the same inquiry,

I respond in kind, the same old way,

He listens but does not hear me,


In theory they should take away,

The same exact message,

In reality, though, they walk away,

With completely different knowledge,


The difference between these two men,

Is where they are in life,

Two separate ways of existing,

Only one avoiding strife,


One cannot let go enough,

To hear the things around him,

The other is able to open his mind,

And feel the truth with vim,


One can listen, one cannot,

This is what divides these two,

The latter can never realize,

All the wisdom the former can accrue,


By listening.




12 thoughts on “Listen

    • I believe we begin as only the ignorant man, we progress as both men in different parts of our lives, and eventually we will becoming the listening man entirely.

      Thanks from reading!

  1. Simple message, so hard to grasp. Its good to see someone like you being able to tell the difference between listening and simply hearing. Good piece.

      • Mrprose, the movie is a chic flick and Christopher Reeve was young and over acted his role, but his performance was still winning in many ways. It is about a Chicago playwrite(Reeve) and an 1800s actress(Seymour) who time travel so they can love one another. I won’t say more b/c i don’t want to ruin it for you if you choose to watch it. I own it so I guess that I am endorsing it!!! It was filmed on Macinac Island, Michigan, a place I highly recommend for a remote getaway right in America. The book, called “Bid Time Farewell” was set at the Coronado Hotel in S. California. Let me know if you take the time to watch. I’ll be watching with you, in spirit.

      • Listening is a learned skill, we don’t seem to be born with it. But we are born to hear, which is something altogether different. I too admire that you see and understand the difference between the two. You inspire me to keep working at my own listening skills. BTW, In psychology it is called “listening with the third ear”.

      • Good to know, and thank you. Sadly much of our world does not see that one needs more than the hearing they are born with.

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