Stop Hiding, Show Yourself

Why do we hide? Why do we run and flee? Is the weight of the world too much for us to face?

From our entrance, to our exit, many find every escape from pain. Who can live the easiest life? It is a sad motivator for the uninspired.

We hide behind our mother’s legs, clinging for that comfort. The safeness keeps us in our place. Is it a blessing? A curse?

The leg will eventually leave, but the desire, the need for the safety never naturally departs. Constricting opportunities, falsely promising happiness.

Stay in your place, don’t step into the unknown.

Where does that take you, where do you go? Nowhere. Not through the countryside, through the undulating hills. No walks in the park, or hikes up steep mountains. You’ll never see the beach, the water, the waves. Not a single morning, afternoon, evening. Never witnessing a star. Just your little bubble, right where you currently are. Going nowhere, as long as that leg stands in your way.

Let go of the leg. Move beyond it’s safety. Do not forget it – carry it in your mind. But grow beyond it’s protection. It’s a blessing, you’re the one that can make it a curse.

When we drop our self-imposed obstacles, our potential is endless. Stop hiding, show yourself.



3 thoughts on “Stop Hiding, Show Yourself

  1. To me, this thought implies that there is an adventure or somewhere to go or be, on our own like a lone wolf. But is there really? Isn’t happiness found within oneself, no matter where we find ourselves in time and space? Mama’s leg doesn’t hold us back, it just feels good to love and be loved. Maybe some of us need connection more than we need adventure and we find happiness wherever we are planted because our need for connection is so strong. So, with that said, mrprose, I look forward to hearing what you have to say about it. Maybe I am missing your point, which is quite possible, of course!

    • I think you are missing my point, but you do bring up a valid argument. I wasn’t trying to instill as negative a message as you seem to have read. I believe life is a journey of sorts, and some of it is meant to be travelled alone. I think this is addressed to those that cannot be independent and alone. I think mama’s leg is a blessing, and a beautiful source of love, but also it can burden one’s growth, if they never let go and explore the world. Yes, we all need support systems, but we often don’t go for it as much as we could. This wasn’t a piece about getting and receiving love, it’s a piece about exploration and growth.

      • Yes, I knew I took it in a different direction than you intended, that’s why I qualified things, I guess. Exploration and personal growth are crucial to humans no matter where they are in the lifespan. Some just need stronger support systems than others to venture out. I have deep thoughts and feelings on this topic and I guess that’s why I was talking all over the place and not staying on topic. A “hot button” issue for me, for sure!

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