I am afraid,

Of myself,

What I can do,

Where I will go,

What lays ahead,

The things that I don’t yet see,


I am scared,

Of what I am becoming,

Where I am going,

Why I am doing, being, moving,


I am terrified,

Of what I will find,

When I delve within,

The depths of myself,

The crevices, the darkness,

The bottom of the sea that I hold in my being,


I’m afraid of my limits,

The point where I can go no more,

When my weakness steps out into the world,

Anyone can look,



Do I want,

To know the extent of my abilities?

To know the full potential I have?

To discover my place,

Of greatest extent?


Is there such a place,

Burdening… me,

Or does this lie just sit,

In a worried corner of my mind?


There is no finish line,

Final words the the tale,



There is just,

My fears,

The limits I place upon myself,

And me,

No beginning, no end,

Just me









10 thoughts on “Limits

  1. Reframe your thinking. The inward journey is as exciting as the outward one-another universe to explore. A universe within a universe. Double the pleasure if you are willing to make the trek.

    • I know that, but at the time of my writing this piece, I was feeling very frightened with hitting walls that could not be passed (which really isn’t true).

  2. A good poem is personal to the author and also fits the perspective of it’s readers. I didn’t feel like it showed what you were thinking becuase I can’t see you through the words. Exactly like your graduation speech.
    But good job, I guess in the real world it doesn’t matter anyway and its good writing none the less. eh?

      • Maybe having opinions doesn’t have to be a part of life. Maybe one can be a human being without having opinions, or judgments, or a perspective? Maybe they’d be a meaningless void of knowledge, always trying to be better, always ahead of the next person, and always behind by what their afraid of?

      • I think we do eventually move on beyond opinions and judgments, but based on the places we are in life, I would conclude that it’s not yet a real concern… there is plenty more that I think deserves more of our attention.

  3. Loved this poem..expresses the chaos which we all at some point in our lives have in our heart and in our heads ! And I wish you lots of encouragement in your journey of thoughts ..:) Nice to have explored your blog 🙂

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