It’s Just a Small Shift in Perspective

Hello everyone,

To follow up my piece from two days ago, I have another quick word to add, as it was yet another really long day yesterday and I was unable to post.

As I said yesterday, the perspective of looking at life in a new way is invaluable. Approaching and viewing “giant problems” as simply a bunch of little obstacles or challenges will change you life guaranteed. Suddenly you’re able to take on things you previously thought you would never be able to do. It becomes apparent how little there actually is to really have to worry about. Possibly best of all is that this kind of view can instill so much freedom and independence in one’s life. Firstly, one does not feel the weight of the world’s problem held above them anymore (like a mountain looming overhead, which is a metaphor often used to describe enormous, draining issues). But also the ability to take apart any issue and look at it differently, treat it differently, make it be something different in your life is such a powerful tool, and something that we could all use in our lives.

The thing that’s special about all this, though, is that the perspectives that we have are not all necessarily so far off the mark. If you can look at the journey towards getting to the point where you doopen your mind to see the world in that way as just a bunch of little steps, it absolutely is something you’re capable of doing. It’s no longer a series of impossibly difficult challenges, but rather something that take a bit of patience, time, and awareness, a journey that doesn’t have to be so hard. Those are all things we all have, to varying degrees.

76/365 - dumb missing last piece

Sometimes it’s just that little change in how you view the world that is the last piece to the puzzle. (Photo credit: foreverdigital)

This makes me realize truly how powerful and beneficial very slight changes to perspective can be. They can literally change your entire view of the world, as in the beauty of our universe, a small difference like that could make everything suddenly makes sense… or not.

Changes in perspective, no matter how small, can be the beginnings of amazing journeys as well. This is why I always talk about how vital it is to open the mind and explore new possibilities – there is so much we can improve upon. Often times, all one needs is that minute change in point of view.

So keep that in mind the next time you feel stuck in the middle of a “problem” in your life, or when you feel like you’re simply walking in circles. Try looking at things differently, and believe me, the world will change. After all, you are the architect of the world you live in.


4 thoughts on “It’s Just a Small Shift in Perspective

  1. I like this. My first reaction is to think about how a tiny shift in space, say for example a one degree shift in a trajectory, can theoretically catapult us into a radically different space/time dimension when seeing far enough down the trajectory line. Depending on the direction of the one degree shift we could be seeing down the trajectory way into the future or alternatively, way into the past.

    Just a quick thought of mine on this great post, mrprose.

    • Let me add, most importantly, that we can, theoretically, move a giant meteor out of Earth’s path if we just nudge it slightly while it is far from Earth. Perhaps this concept also applies to the moving of mountains in our minds. What do you think?

      • Yes, yes, yes. Great metaphor, an honestly, that’s how we have to start thinking about many things. The first that comes to mind is western medicine. Everything seems to revolve around treating symptoms instead of preventing or reducing the risk of various easily-avoidable illnesses and the like. We have to understand that a small change now is a big change later.

    • Thank you, and you know, I really like that way of thinking actually. There is always a danger of getting lost in where you are, but do we ever truly know where we are? I can never stress enough the importance of exploration in one’s life. Thanks again!

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