A Magical Place


What is it about the beach that enchants us, me? It’s a magical place, with the kind of majesty that draws people of every kind.

It’s a place of imagination and creativity, where the mind can run wild. I look to the horizon and see the end of the world, the edge of existence. Beyond that, nothing I can even begin to comprehend. A place I will one day explore.

I like to think of the waves as Earth’s heart beat. They throb and pulse with metronomic life. The sheer amount of water demonstrates the power of beauty. It reminds me of how tiny I am. Of how beautiful I may one day be.

The sound of crashing water on sand is sweet in my ears, always welcome. It can fill one with the thrumming energy of a five-year old, or sooth to a deep, restful sleep.

The sands are like the shiftings and movings of our universe. Ever sliding, ever gliding into new shapes and forms under my feet, accommodating for my existence, respecting my space. Yet letting me know that it’s all there. Beneath me, beside me, all around me.

These two worlds bridge at the water line, damp sand and cool water kissing me feet. I feel loved.



4 thoughts on “A Magical Place

  1. I enjoyed reading your piece. I absolutely love the beach! On the beach I do not feel guilty for wasting time. I know anytime in the presence of peace letting my imagination run wild about what might be beyond the horizon is not a waste of time it is an investment in my serenity. I’ve always imaged the perfect writing space, a beach house with a nice bay window overlooking the water. If I close my eyes, for a brief moment I am there.

  2. There is something about the ocean water rumbling up on the beach that is actually a PHYSICAL thing that interacts with our body, mind and soul… Scientist call it “negative ions” which have all kinds of health benefits when we are exposed to it… other experiences are breathing mountain air, being out in the rain, walking on grass with morning dew — these all have strong “negative ion” emissions – and these DO help with our overall feelings of “well being”!! :o) Pretty cool indeed… I am looking forward to our family’s annual jaunt to the ocean beach every Christmas! Cheers!

    • That’s really cool, I had no idea. I want to research that a bit now, actually…

      Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the piece. Hope your christmas event is fun!

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