It’s a Simple Thing to Appreciate

Hello, hope your week has begun well,

I’ve written before about how learning how to truly appreciate the things that one has and the sees around them, changes the way they will view the world. It’s hard to make that shift, because it requires lots of patience and acceptance. I’m still struggling plenty with it myself. The reward, though, is more than worth it, and that’s why I’m re-looking at the things in my life in new ways.

I’ve naturally take things for granted. All but forget about them. In this fashion, I’ll lose many of these things before I truly appreciate them, and I don’t want to live that way.

Today I look at a major part of my life, a part that I forget I may lose at any moment. A part that I don’t believe I properly appreciate.

That thing, is owning a dog.

It’s difficult to explain exactly how owning and caring for an animal affects you. Particularly Man’s Best Friend. I suppose that it has to do, in part, with the fact that everyone has a different perspective and experience to take away. It’s such a complicated bond, yet so simple, if you look at the core of it.

I believe that it impacts a part of us as human beings that words can’t do any justice describing. You forge a relationship with a creature that knows no conceit, no lying, no backstabbing or greed. Dogs live simple, honest lives. That’s why it’s so easy to create a relationship, a bond of respect, love and most of all trust.

Humans, are after all, a social race, and we crave interactions with others. Even more so, we crave worthy connections of love and friendship. That fact goes down to the core of our being, of who we are, and it’s not just a want, it’s a need. We need such things to survive, to thrive, and these phenomenal creatures are sometimes exactly what we need.

They are our companions. They support us with their company and comfort. I know that when I’m distressed, my own dog, Peanut, will come over and playfully try to raise my spirits. It’s something they instinctually do – I believe that they feel empathy and compassion for others.

So with their joyful existence and happy energy, along with their large hearts, I often can’t help but enjoy their presence, their being there. They naturally carry an air of positivity.

Possibly the most amazing part of that species of animal as a whole (as I see it), is their incredibly strong integrity. They live honestly in almost every sense of the word. They know when they’ve done something wrong. Maybe it’s me personifying them too much, but they don’t ever seem to have malicious intent.

How can one not spot the love in those eyes? I feel blessed to know her.

That’s why I chose to write about this today. The more I watch my own, or any dog for that matter, what they are/what they do, the more I realize how inspiring they are to me. They’re full of plenty of things we as humans have plenty to learn about. They represent so much to me because I get so lost within the intricacies of my own complications that I forget how important these attributes are. Their simplicity exemplifies what simple living can be. And how much more I still have to learn about the “simple” things I thought I had moved past.

So for today, and this week, the remainder of this month, and for the rest of my existence, I want to pay more attention, give more gratitude to this extremely important and positive part of my life. I think dogs are great examples of virtues that we must not forget.

Plus, they’re a part of our lives, and deserve our love and attention. They need it, and it’s the least we can give back.



2 thoughts on “It’s a Simple Thing to Appreciate

  1. My dog passed away a little bit ago. They really are the sweetest, simplest things. I miss that. God’s gifts, that’s what they are (:

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