Stop Living in a Bubble

Hello, hope today went well for all of you.

So I’ve been pondering quite a bit on what exactly I wanted to write about these last two days. Obviously, I didn’t get to blogging yesterday. It’s not because of a lack of ideas, but rather a lack of inspiration. These are heart-felt pieces that you’re reading on this blog, and sometimes I just can’t put the heart into it.

What I felt, what came to me today, was how much we stay in our comfort zones. It’s a huge barrier that we set around ourselves, and it only holds us back as people. If you do only what feels safe, you won’t go anywhere. You’ll stay exactly where you are, never learning, never growing.

I wrote something similar to this a while back, about showing one’s self to world. The difference from that time to now, is that the fear is more about exploring outside of what you know, what you’re comfortable with. Our world isn’t all cushy and welcoming – it’s an uncomfortable place out there, get used to it.

The motive, though, is the same: to avoid pain. It’s something we naturally do as human beings, as animals. But to avoid the pain of exploring the unknown is to avoid growth as a person, and thus the fear is an obstacle that must eventually be scaled like any other impediment.

That is rather ruthlessly put, and I’m aware of the fact that nothing really is that straightforward. It’s just a bazillion baby steps, if broken down properly. It’s something to grow out of, to constantly push yourself to do just a tad bit more, experience that one tiny new thing. It could be picking up that disgusting garbage laying on the ground in front of you. It could be spending time and getting to know in a new way, people you unfairly judged. It takes time, just like anything, but seeing the world that you’re missing is well worth the your time.

Why? Because the reason for living (in my opinion) is to see everything. everything. From pain to joy to enmity to friendship. The poor life, the rich life, the life right in between. Maybe it takes more than one lifetime. Maybe you don’t see it all on Earth. But you see it all eventually. Currently, right now, we’re living in a place that is full of these things, and witnessing them is what counts. Living in a bubble that is designed to keep yourself contained deprives yourself of these experiences.

I think the perfect example to keep in mind are those clouds of teenage girls that just follow each other around, afraid to be independent. I recognize that being a teenager is a scary time, and insecurity is a given in that part of life (we ALL know about that), but it’s just a perfect example of how that kind of fear to step out of one’s comfort zone inhibits what one can do.

Sphere in room

I like to think of one’s comfort zone as a sphere. You make it as big as you’re willing to go. One day, though, your little sphere won’t just be a tiny bubble in a room, it’ll be the whole room itself. Only you can get it there. (Photo credit: crdotx)

The most important part of exploring the things outside of one’s sphere of exposure, as I like to put it, is that you discover more about yourself. Not only do you learn how you react and interact with different things, but you see yourself in the world. It’s a bit hard to describe, but simply put: you’ll see yourself portrayed in many different ways, in many different forms. Our universe is a reflection of one’s self, as one’s self is a reflection of the universe we live in.

We all have a part of everything around us, within us. Often times, we deny that fact to ourselves. No way am I a homeless person! And yet, despite my different circumstance, some of that is a part of me. I believe we live on this Earth to discover more of that, however you choose to see it. To expose these things to ourselves. To widen and widen the bubble we live in until it encompasses everything.

Think on that.


5 thoughts on “Stop Living in a Bubble

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  2. You are an amazingly bright 14-year-old and I really thought this post was powerful… I am personally trying to break out of the bubble I live in, easier said than done though :p.

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