The Worst Kind of Loneliness

“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”

–Mark Twain

Is there a worse feeling? Through guilt or whatever it be, we have all felt this, in some form. If you’re human, feelings of loneliness are unavoidable. They’re inevitable. They’re a part of life, a challenge we all have to face.

But that’s not how you have to live your life. Many, many people do, but that’s because they fear reality, the harshness of the truth. It’s rough taking on everything – we all fail sometimes. But a little courage goes a long way.

One reality we must all face is who we really are. Avoid that truth, and you’re facing loneliness of the worst kind. When everything seems to fail, if you can’t trust in yourself, if you have no confidence and aren’t comfortable in who you are, you’ve got nothing left to rely on.

Don’t live avoiding who you are. You don’t have to feel loneliness.


5 thoughts on “The Worst Kind of Loneliness

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