Are You Living A Life Worth Living?

Hello again,

So a subject that I think about quite a bit in my life is how I’m living my life. I naturally evaluate and compare. That’s the kind of person that I am – I measure things. It’s not a good habit, life isn’t about measuring, but it’s something I, and many other undoubtedly do.

Why do we do that? I do it because I want to live a life that I won’t regret. I don’t want to waste my time. So I measure everything in the hope that it’ll all add up and make my time here on Earth seem worth it. I let my natural tendencies kick in, in response to my insecurities.

There are very few people out there in the world not afraid of death like the rest of us. The thing that strikes me about these people is how their passions and souls shine through everything else. They’re following their calling, they’re doing the things they want to do, creating the things they want to create. They don’t live their lives from heady places – there’s not measuring or counting or calculating if life is being well spent. They’re living their lives from their soul – they’re living life without regret, and doing what feeds them spiritually. They’re living presently in time, nowhere in the past or the future. In the moment.

These are the people letting go of fear and are ready for death when it comes for them.

Olympic Medals

All that really matters in the end: is it worth it to you? (Photo credit: Daniel Coomber)

We all have our different approaches to living, but I believe that those out there that aren’t afraid anymore, or losing their fear everyday, send a very inspirational message. You can’t measure life in any way. The number of medals you’ve won from various tournaments (even the Olympics) don’t count for anything if winning like that doesn’t fill you with content, or fuels your passion. What matters is that feeling at the end of the day of inner accomplishment and contentment at your growth as a person. If it’s for your ego, it’s not for your soul. And it’s the soul that makes it all count.

It’s a decision that each and every one of us has to make – am I going to do what want? Do I want to live a life that I will never, ever regret, and base my living on my passions and my callings? You’re the only one that lives your life, now make it worth living.



6 thoughts on “Are You Living A Life Worth Living?

  1. Hi Mr Prose, Mr Oh here. Thanks for liking one of my earlier posts. Leading a meaningful life is a true aim, that needs a serious amount of focus! Good on you for showing that you are bang up for it. I recommend an excellent book by Steven Pressfield, called “Turning Pro”. It will only take you a couple of days to read but it has loads of inspiring ideas from a writer who has gone through the mill of self discovery and learnt some powerful insights into creating your life’s work. Also, if you are keen on creating structures for your purpose, “Improv Wisdom” by Patricia Ryan Madson is very good too.
    I’m having a few problems with comments I make bouncing back to a redundant blog I am trying to fix (only started blogging vert recently) so if you happen to click back at any point and get the wrong blog, the actual URL is
    I admire your tenacity and philosophical wealth and wish you a promising week.

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