Don’t Fall Into the Same Trap


I want to follow up on what I said yesterday about living a life that you won’t later regret. It’s such a huge topic, and there is so much that can be said about something like that, but a thought struck me just as soon as I had published the piece.

Life is a very precious thing. Some of you believe you only get one life, others many. Either way, life itself is always a very sacred thing, and we can agree on that. Completely unique experiences and opportunities. Most of all, there is beauty everywhere.

In a way, though, this can be forgotten in the muscling and tussling of life. Yeah, yeah, ‘life’ is great and all, but there are bigger concerns right now. Push things off, leave them for later. I’ll get back to it… eventually.

Consciously or not, we all do that rather often. It’s a useful tool, to be able to push things off for later. It can make things seem less overwhelming, I get that. It’s easy to use a mentality like that too of and always leave experiences for later. Experiences that can change you. I don’t mean waste all your money in one night and get completely drunk or whatnot. But rather doing something that scares you a little bit, and possibly has an amazing lesson hidden in store. Participate in a protest? Try out for a game show/competition? Some of these things can be done as soon as you choose to do them.


Life is right now. (Photo credit: mag3737)

It’s the trap we all can so easily fall into – wait, save for later, hold off for now, be patient, I can do it when I feel like. Sometimes it’s best to just throw yourself into a new situation and learn from mistakes. There is no living in never doing anything new. I understand saving up for something, or being patient; those are valuable skills. But we have to remember that life is now and there is no more important time than the moment you’re currently living, right this instant. Remember that next time you hold off from getting the full experience of something.

Don’t fall into the trap that so many have. Make your time living as powerful as you can.



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