Nothing Happens By Coincidence: Fate

Hello again,

So today, as promised, I am writing my first of two reply posts to my Friday Question. This is exciting.

Before I even begin, I have to first express how I feel on this whole subject: it’s fascinating. We all have our own different and unique beliefs, and I love listening to every single one. I think our interpretation of life says so much about who we are and what we’ve gone through. What I’m writing today is solely my beliefs as I’m not trying to persuade any of you of anything. You’re entitled to your beliefs. Simple as that.

Okay, so onto the topic itself: fate.

As I’ve said before, in this piece, it’s completely natural to wonder about one’s own existence. You do have to be at least a little curious as to how we all got here and what we’re all doing here. What’s the point? Where are we going? The questions are endless.

The fact that we’re all here though, even if the reason why is unanswered, is what it is. We’re all living, doing, being. The question then becomes, are our lives constructed of fate or freewill? Do we actually have control over anything that we’re doing, or has everything already been written out in some master plan, already set in place as the universe had it be?


If you don’t know what you believe, use introspection. (Photo credit: e³°°°)

The answer to these questions has to truly be found within one’s self. One can tell you what to believe, but if it doesn’t resonate with your soul, if you can’t swallow it and accept it, don’t bother forcing it. You just don’t believe it.

What I’ve found through my exploration of who I am, is that yes, I believe in fate. I really do. But at the same time, I also believe in freewill, although I’ll go more into that tomorrow.

According to the dictionary:


Noun: The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.
Verb: Be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way: “it was fated to end badly”.

Looking at the definition, I have to agree with the fact that there are definitely events out of our control, namely the one’s that happened before we even got here, but the key factor for me, is that they from some sort of supernatural force. Maybe there’s a God watching over us. Controlling us like the pieces of a game. Whatever it is, yes I believe certain events will occur, no matter what I do… (e.g. the death of someone, etc.).

Instead, what I believe is that the universe exists for a reason I cannot yet comprehend, and we’re here to discover who we are. The universe is God, in a way, just not taking the form of a being, but rather…. nothing and everything. I am simply a part of this nothingness and everything-ness. And it’s a part of me.

I know that there is something at work, and there are things in my life that are completely unavoidable (meeting a certain person, having to face a certain situation.) Fate, to me, is ultimately not the only force, because I believe we exist with a say in our existence. But certain parts of our lives and the world we will never be able to change. Through our actions, though, we can hold some sort of control on the situation.

English: By kac's meditation

Take a seat and listen to what the universe is telling you. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I slow down and listen closely enough, I can feel the gentle push of the universe guiding me…. I’m never truly alone. As Larry so wisely put it yesterday, this whole subject really isn’t such a heady thing to be analyzed so intensely. It’s about feeling. Do you feel fate and freewill within yourself, or are you just taking everyone else’s words for it?

So, yes, I believe in fate, I believe that there is a higher power, although not a being conventionally seen in Western society. Instead, I feel, as many have, that fate sometimes takes my hand, and guides me through this maze I’m living in. It exists, that much I know. The question, then, is how much control we have in our lives, how much say we really have, and what’s holding us back.

Rest assured, though, that nothing happens by coincidence.

I’ll be back with more on freewill, tomorrow.


P.S. Thanks for all the comments and participation, tune in for another question next Friday!


10 thoughts on “Nothing Happens By Coincidence: Fate

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic. Even your conception of God resonates with me. “Everything and nothingness”. Very nice. Which leads me to add that I think this is a world in which two completely opposite things/concepts can simultaneously exist. Amazing.

  2. Can’t wait for tomorrow!
    I personally do not wholly believe in fate, but I find your observations interesting. The example for the use of the verb fate is, “It was fated to end badly.” I think that, if things end badly, hasn’t there been some wrong decision and action to get to that? I mean, we’re not all just floating around out here, pulled every way on every slight change of wind. We have will power.
    I think there is a reason for death. YES, I think it was meant to be. But, like you said (I think), it was willed by God. Not fate. Maybe choice, too.
    But I don’t think our lives follow distinct paths. I believe there is a wrong or right.
    Not like in the Adjustment Bureau. I watched that movie a while ago, so I may remember incorrectly, but the main character was never meant to see some girl ever again. And in some written “Plan” God has made for us, we all follow certain paths. I believe this, to an extent, but there is still choice in life. Maybe that is the whole point of the movie. Again, I haven’t seen it in some time. Haha.
    I don’t know if I am making sense anymore. But I guess I partially agree with you. I don’t believe that things like meeting people are predetermined, tho.

    • Well firstly, thank you for reading, and based on your reply, you’re going to like my post on freewill.

      The example given by the google dictionary is just an example. Although you’re right in your observation that things aren’t “fated” to end badly. I expand more on that in my piece.

      As for the rest of what you say, again, I agree. That is, if you mean “I believe there isN’T a wrong or right”. Because that is, ultimately, opinion.

      I do remember seeing that movie, and you’re right yet again on that point, in that we do have the chance to make choices, and they do make a difference.

      Check out my post tomorrow!

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