Feelings of Inferiority


So what are my thoughts for today? Only about one of the most awful feelings I can think of.



 Noun: The condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others.

It’s something that I come up against quite a bit, being as young as I am, but for most people, it’s a lot worse. If you’re unfairly treated (maybe if you’re gay, black, an abused woman or child, if you have a disability, are transgender, foreign, or any other kind of minority), you’re bound to come up against this sometimes. It doesn’t always feel like we’re all treated equally as humans.

The thing is, there is no such thing as inferiority. It doesn’t exist. I know that it feels like it is, but if we truly are all equal, then “the condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others” is a completely subjective opinion, and a very un-accepting one at that. If you feel inferior, you’re basically allowing others to make you feel that way.

No one is worth more than another person. At least, that’s how I see it. I don’t care what talents, what wealth one may have, at our cores, we are all equally priceless, living beings.

So when you feel like you’re worth less than someone (and you’re bound to feel it, no amount of denial will hide it forever), through jealousy or any form of abuse, then you’re letting those that want you to feel that way convince you to believe some thing that isn’t true.

English: Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Li...

Eleanor Roosevelt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep in mind, also, that it’s a choice. People will try to make you feel less-than, to feel better about themselves, but always remember this when that happens:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Eleanor Roosevelt.

You will always have the final word, the final say, when it comes to how you hold yourself in your life. Feel the “inferiority” when it comes, but remember that you ultimately have control over how you view yourself among people.



8 thoughts on “Feelings of Inferiority

    • I’m not sure I understand your question… how can you feel inferior to yourself without anyone else involved? As is in the definition for inferiority, “The condition of being lower in status or quality than another or others” has to do with others.

      • What if you don’t live up to your own standards, regardless of someone else’s? One can feel inferior in one’s own eyes.

  1. While I agree that your own mentality ultimately decides how you feel about it, inferiority does exist. We live in societies of structure, classes, pay-grades and judgement upon our looks. I agree with everything in the post apart from your opinion that inferiority doesn’t exist. Try telling that to the majority of Iranian women.

    • Oh absolutely, you’re totally right. These sort of unfairnesses do exist. The reason for why I say that inferiority doesn’t exist is because the actually condition of being less-than isn’t a real condition. I believe we we are all equal, and we should keep that in mind when we interact with others. These unfairnesses shouldn’t exist – and they will cease to when we all realize that we all are equal.

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