Your Efforts Will Bear Their Fruits

Morning all,

A topic I’ve been meaning to tie down in writing recently has been, as I so kindly put in the title, effort. I know that that word, in itself, can mean quite a few different things. But I believe all efforts have the same core, the same root, and thus ultimately lead to the same thing.

I look at my life and I see this fact printed all over the place. I’m trying to write a book right now, but if I don’t put the proper energy and time into a project like that, nothing will be written, nothing

Winston Churchill

His achievements are amazing and inspiring to say the least. It’s all hat a man can do with the right efforts – Winston Churchill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

will be completed. All the projects that I take on, including this one (the blog), are the same way.

I’m not alone in being an example of this. Gandhi didn’t lead his country to freedom without immense personal sacrifice and exertion of all kinds. People like Winston Churchill don’t make it through rough times to come out with so much success, without putting a lot of energy to the demands in their lives. Perhaps the greatest example of all: Buddha didn’t reach Enlightenment without giving the effort that he did. It simply would have been an impossibility.

It really is just a simple principle that we have to keep in mind far more often: the more you give, the more you take back in return. This law of life does not solely reference the material. In fact, this almost always transcends the material and moves on into far more important things, such as life lessons or enriching experiences, which are very much worth one’s efforts and energy.

Klondike Highway - Mountain

Sometimes it seems like it’s a mountain to climb… and maybe it is. But just imagine all the beautiful, priceless things you’ll have learned once you reach the top(Photo credit: blmiers2)

The sad thing, though, is that it’s very easy to miss that bit of understanding when you live a life lost among the material. Thus, many people do miss the point of putting effort into their life, or anything else for that matter. That’s why I stress so much for people to slow down and open their eyes. Just to see all that’s going on around them. And both remember, and witness, the important things in life, whatever they may be for that person. Because it’s in those places that lie the invaluable things worth your effort.

Your drive completely shapes the way your life turns out to be, without a doubt. Have a half-assed attitude, and you’ll get half-assed results. Simple as that. When you decide, truly decide, to turn your life around, or go for something new, it’s not just a promise to yourself, it’s a shift in attitude and use of effort – you will give more if you really want something, because deep down you know that that way, you’ll have a better chance of getting it.

Possibly the hardest part to relentlessly giving continuous effort is when you don’t see the desired results you expected to see. It’s another step to eventually overcome on the way to  acceptance. Because you’ll have to accept that sometimes you won’t get exactly what you want. But I know that the universe has a clever way of still giving back, if even in a different way than you might expect or immediately realize….

Often times the true character within someone shines through far more from the enthusiasm/energy they have rather than their talent. I respect someone with talents. I truly respect someone who lives with an infectious positivity or determination, and will go beyond where others will stop. I think it’s attributes like those that make up really amazing people. Quality people.

What kind of effort do you have in your life?



6 thoughts on “Your Efforts Will Bear Their Fruits

  1. how i love what you wrote here..i accidentally stumbled upon this blog while searching for something inspiring..i’m really feeling down these days and this..just somehow made me feel better!

    thanks for writing and posting this up!

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