What a Constrained World We Live In

Asleep on desk

You choose when you wake up, when you let your curiosities, your passion lead you to discovery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re living as if we’re asleep.

Our world is set by a system that focuses on hiding emotion away, and creative thinking is seen as unconventional and inconvenient. Even when creativity is sometimes supported, it’s never seen as efficient or effective, the things that corporations and governments are entirely focused on. Why are all these problems in the headlines of our news coming up? Why do so many things seem to be in the midst of a crisis? These things have to start meaning something to us. What are we doing that’s not working?

“Stupidity” is blatantly apparent all over the place. We all see it, and point it out, but at the same time, in many ways, we’re contributing to it. We’re participating in making that way of living a reality.

A lot of this lack of common sense is from the need for emotional release. We constrain ourselves from social pressures or other restrictions like our own personal beliefs. Eventually, the need for release will escape your walls, somehow, in some way. Sometimes it’s doing silly, thoughtless things for attention or to show defiance. It’s great to let loose, but not in a reckless harmful way.

Cover of "Visioneers"

Cover of Visioneers (Movie)

Many of us are taught not to think, just do what you know. Be safe, be conservative, and nothing bad can happen. Live a life like that, and you lose your ambition, your passion. Just like in the movie Visioneers, it’s obvious the unhappiness there is in living without any higher purpose.

And that’s exactly what I believe we need to rediscover. Our higher purpose. Why are we here? What are we doing, what can we discover during our time on this planet. Many of us have fallen asleep, we’ve lost what it was like to explore the secrets of ourselves.

Wake up. That’s always the first step. There is a world out there, outside of your bubble, but it doesn’t exist for you until you open your eyes from your thoughtless slumber. Stop blocking your emotions, free yourself to feel. Suddenly, it’s no longer the stupidity you’re contributing to, but the beauty.



4 thoughts on “What a Constrained World We Live In

  1. Yes! We have so lost touch with true fun. I wish my phone had a funometer app, that could help me detect when the fun factor is slipping. We’ve instead settled for, like you said, guarantees of conservatism and points for good behavior, but starve ourselves from what we really want, and yes, what we really want lies some buried (but not undetectable) beneath what big parts of us think are fun….

    oh, I need to go, my inner funometer just went off 🙂

    • Haha, that’s great. Your example also shows a certain juxtaposition in that I know my phone is a distractions and takes away from my fun than contribute to it. Glad you liked my piece!

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