Tomorrow I may feel limitless,



And that is exactly what I will be,


Tomorrow I may feel inner-strength,

Power in my veins,

The feeling of solid ground under my feet,

And that is exactly where I will be,


Tomorrow I may feel unwanted,

I may feel invisible,

I may feel un-loved,

I may feel weak,

I may feel insecure,

I may feel fearful,

I may feel stupid,

But I will never, ever be worthless,




12 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. A good poem, while self-deprecating in scope, it leaves off with a slightly hopeful note. There’s a lot of emotion here, and it really brings thousands of situations to mind as I read it. Very good.
    Out of curiousity, what was your criteria for line breaking?

    • Thank you, it is a bit loaded, I hope not too much so… and it was WordPress that messed it up, I updated it. Usually I break when I repeat much of a line, or when I finish a stanza. It depends though.

  2. Great poem! I love the formatting of the whole thing – it definitely gave strength to the overall message. And the message was very inspirational! How true that no matter how we feel, we are never ever worthless individuals.

  3. I love how you have captured the roller coaster of emotions so many of us experience day to day. I can completely relate to this. No matter what, you have to hold on to that one thing that pushes you back up from the depths.

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