The World’s Way of Speaking

When it gets down to that moment,

That moment I must say the right words,

I stress, and I fret and I panic,

All I can hear are the birds,

At first I try to ignore them,

To let the annoyance pass,

I have things to do, I have those words to say,

Yet the birds continue to harass,

With anger I curse them and their songs,

I need to attend to what lay in front of me!

But it’s the world that I should be listening to,

If I want my soul to be free,

I bind myself down,

To material concerns,

But instead I must let go,

It’s a hard lesson to learn,

Slowly I stop myself and listen,

Quieting my silent scream,

The birds are life’s way of speaking,

Saying far more than at first it may seem,



8 thoughts on “The World’s Way of Speaking

  1. Whoa… Where can I even start with this poem? The message I found about listening to the world and learning to enjoy beauty rather than the material is very wonderful. It seems that with life, people tend to be focused on only their world. I, myself, tend to worry about finishing projects or studying for an exam or doing what I need to do; it takes force for me to open my eyes to the world around me. I guess this is because the way our lives work. We are expected to finish so much and strive to do so much; life seems to rush by and we never take the moment to breathe, to actually look at our surroundings, to see what it is telling us. And so, our minds are always closed and we can never perceive and understand. Only when we allow the light to shine on us can we truly excel and grow.

    Great poem! It really got me thinking about the world. 🙂

  2. Well put ~ I am reminded of Bob Dylan: “Money doesn’t talk – it screams!” and also this one:
    “Silence is like the even flow of electric current. Speech is like obstructing the current for lighting and other purposes.” (Ramana)

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