No Reasoning Required


turkey sandwich (with notes) from Thanksgiving...

Mmm, I’ll take one of those. (Photo credit: kthread)

So I realize that my question from yesterday is no simple, easy-answer question. I’m not asking about how to decide on which kind of sandwich to eat for lunch. That is a fairly emotionless decision that can be made with minimal if any consequences. If you’ve been reading my blog for even just a little while, you know that I have no interest in asking what I believe to be trifle questions. If you want that turkey-musturd combo, knock yourself out. You could read the rest of this piece while you’re eating.

I was really asking about what you do when two deeply emotional parts of yourself are conflicting. It’s not nearly as simple, in fact it’s not simple at all. Because even if one option outweighs the other, there can be massive consequences of all kinds. Can you really just pick one and forget about the other(s)?

Emotion just doesn’t work like that.

The left brain seems to better fit our society that the right brain. We are encouraged to think more than feel. It’s definitely more comfortable to think than to feel. I’m doing my best to change that about myself, to move beyond what feels safe and inviting. At the same time, I didn’t call my blog ‘Deep Feelings’ for a reason. It sounds cheesy, it’s sounds uncomfortable.

I just had a conversation with someone in which the person I was conversing with was explaining to me why art is useless, it has no purpose, and it isn’t really a safe form of income. That isn’t far from how many people think. We discount any sort of feeling involved, any sort of need for emotional release.

By nature we like to reason. We like to set out all of our options, examine them, and then pick the best one. Easy, right? I’ll just have the turkey mustard sandwich right now, and have a different kind tomorrow. It’s simple, and you can just move on.

It’s not at all the same way with emotionally involved decisions. Some are difficult even to


Our emotions do not lie. They point in the direction we should go. (Photo credit: Roland Urbanek)

explain to other people. These decisions take on a new level of intensity, a new level of importance. Look at your own life. Don’t tell me there aren’t things you wish you did, decisions you feel you should or shouldn’t have made. My guess is that you think about these things a lot. I sure do. Maybe there was a way I could have looked at it from another angle, choosing just a little more wisely….

But it’s not like that. Emotions are our internal compasses. When emotion or feeling is involved in anything, your higher self, your “I” is trying to tell you something. Reasoning is usually just looking at things from a materialistic point of view, the eyes of a human being. You can’t reason with emotion, because you can’t control your emotion! It’s futile to try.


You’ll find the answer by listening. (Photo credit: Sky Noir)

When one is stuck in a difficult place, crossroads, the course of action that should be taken is to first stop, then take a step back and just feel. Tap into the higher intelligence that exists beyond the material plane. Maybe for you, it’s God. Listen to what He has to say. Meditation is also fantastic, although it’s not the only method. You just have to slow down and listen.

It’s not easy. From experience struggling with this kind of thing, I know how easy it is to just let your head get in the way, choose for you. Its easier, it’s a natural tendency of humans. More than that, feeling for an answer takes far longer (at first) than thinking up an answer. It takes massive patience and determination to stop yourself and let the universe, God, tell you.

Despite how difficult it may be at first, it’s worth it. An answer you found through the universe is never wrong, and you will find comfort in knowing that you took the right path for yourself. But more than anything, you will grow closer, more connected, with God, with the universe, with life itself. You’ll realize you’re not alone, that there is always support somewhere. All you have to do is listen.



8 thoughts on “No Reasoning Required

  1. I can’t believe I missed yesterdays question! I think that in my life what should happen, and does more now than it ever did before, is to give those emotions to God and let Him sort them out. My human nature however, wants to reason everything. Like you said, use my head to figure it out. When that doesn’t work, actually I think most times I have just let the opposing emotions go until one or both emotions crash and burn.

  2. Insightful, thought-provoking post. I completely agree with the idea of listening to your emotions and going with what the universe is telling you. However, I pretty much operate solely on my emotions and often don’t think before I act. It’s gotten me in trouble so many times it’s ridiculous. Perhaps there has to be a balance?

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad you liked my post.You possess great insight and write extremely well. I’m impressed. Some of the things you’ve described about emotions “speaking” to us concurs with how my counselor friend talks about emotions. They are to lead us to the deeper things that are going on for us in our subconscious or our spirit. When I feel strongly about something, it’s helpful to ask myself what is underneath the feeling. For example, anger is usually a secondary emotion when I feel hurt. Fear occurs when I feel out of control or insecure about a situation or myself. You really have tapped into something that is so accurate about us as people. Someone recently told me that the more I understand about myself and how I feel and think about things, the better I can steward myself in life and relationships. Nice job writing about these things. I haven’t read yesterday’s question yet, but if you’re talking about two conflicting emotions existing together I think the answer is yes. When I’ve had a disagreement with my husband, I can be conflicted by my love for him and my frustration or anger with him. Fortunately, if I allow it to, love wins every time 🙂

    • Great comment, so glad you connected with my words. I am definitely exploring this whole subject, and it can be really challenging at times. But I really happy you enjoyed it. And you make some great points. Emotion is the core of many things. And yes, love can prevail if you allow it!

  4. Thanks for raising another great question!

    Appearing ‘together’ is a product of embracing, instead of resisting, the opposing energies we come up against inside of ourselves. We show up as much more together when we come through the other side, after having been willing to feel the conflicts between parts of ourselves. Not fix, but feel.

    • Great point, one I have to keep in mind much more, but it’s also something far easier said than done. Feeling conflict without reacting, without trying to ‘fix’ things can be extremely difficult.

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