The Magic of Exploration

Hi there,

It’s a light-hearted piece for today, one born out of my joy of having this blog.

Let me first say that the last three-and-a-half months have been quite eye-opening. By that, I mean that life and has begun to feel more and more rich. Things are starting to look clearer, and I feel like I’m getting things a bit more. Life is appearing more fruitful to me.

I don’t mean that now everything is all happy and lighthearted, because that’s not the case. No, there are still the occasional times when everything seems awful. I’m only human, after all. But something has definitely changed. Maybe it’s a bit early to identify reasons as to why that is, but I honestly think that it’s has a lot to do with this blog.

A green and red Perseid meteor striking the sk...

Don’t you feel so tiny sometimes? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is so much out there. Ignorance won’t get you anywhere. If you really want to find what exactly it is that’s ‘out there’, you have to sit down and really articulate your jumbled thoughts. True exploration is the discovery of yourself. You may think there are things out there that you have not seen, that aren’t a part of you, but they are. When you try to make sense of the world around you, the things you see and hear and feel, you’re really just trying to make sense of yourself. Why? Because it all starts within you.

It’s not so much about survival for many of us anymore. Instead, I think we are searching for purpose, for definition, and we don’t know where to look. Many of us don’t want to look, because we fear what we can’t see.

Moving beyond the fear is everything. You cannot truly see when you are afraid to look.

If you are serious about examining life, about writing or articulating what you have to say, you must begin digging, no matter the fear. If you are truly curious, if you have the thirst to learn, the passion to discover, the will to move beyond what you know, you will continue to dig. And you won’t stop until you find something.

The magic in that is that what you will find will change your life.

Black & White Droplets

Can you see the color? (Photo credit: wenzday01)

I try to see beyond the surface of things, and despite my young age, I feel as though I’m already unearthing incredible things. Like I said before, I feel my experience in life has become richer, my understanding stronger. I believe what I believe a bit more passionately. I feel a little bit happier, a little more awake. And those seemingly small changes really change everything.

The magic of exploration is that life becomes a more dynamic place, a more beautiful place. And that’s because you become a more dynamic, beautiful person.



22 thoughts on “The Magic of Exploration

  1. Very beautiful and wise words 🙂 I feel like I can relate to everything you have said. I think so many people are feeling similar things and its lovely to read your words and feel a connection. Thankyou.

  2. I agree. We shouldn’t just go through life blindly believing only what we have been taught by parents and those in our inner circle growing up. I think that now days, ignorance is no excuse anymore. We have the internet and many other resources to be able to find the truth. My thoughts are however, that many people don’t want to know the truth. Many people go with the progression of the society they live in. It kind of reminds me of the old horror movie “Invasion of the body snatchers”.

  3. The first step toward the “destination” can often turn into the destination itself. I’m glad to hear things are improving for you.

  4. I wish the “like” button was a “really really really like” button! Your vision of the world- to live as a passionate explorer of it- is the only way to really live. I’m a new follower and look forward to reading more.

  5. Beautifully expressed. I personally think that life without a little curiosity is too simple and eventually becomes really boring. Your articles reminds me of my school days when every new flower, every new bird or every science experiment sparked a desire to know more and learn more. Thank You!

    • Yes, I share your view, and I’m glad I brought back positive memories. It sounds like you speak of that time to be in the past tense… Do you not have the desire/passion you once had?

      • Well, frankly speaking, i think i lost it somewhere once i started working because there is no time anymore to try out new things. But i do have the passion to go for it and i guess i will be up to it soon.

  6. Yes Mr. Prose! I feel that when I was younger i was blind but now i have become more wiser. I keep trying to go beneath the surface, way beneath. I try to find what real life is. Not many know.

    Even though your fourteen(Im 13) to me you seem to not have an age. Your a wise spirit. With so many depths and layers. I feel like that too. Thank you. A lot of things that you write on here i feel the same. I can connect with you SO much. Im so glad that i found this blog…. 🙂

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