Mid-Week Poetry – Share Your Works

Hello everyone, sorry to be so late,

I’ve been really thinking about what poetry is lately. It’s such a hugely diverse form of artistic literary expression. I’ve started noticing that I really have a style of my own, and that there are so many others ways of approaching and exploring poetry. So today I introduce a new feature for this blog: the mid-week poetry. I think it’s perfect because often what I need most after a long, hard Wednesday, is a really powerful, thoughtful poem.

basic emotions.apathy

Share what you feel, what you experience. (Photo credit: neonihil)

Here’s the thing – I want YOU the reader to have a chance to share your poetry. So every Wednesday, I will publish one of my own poems, and one that has been submitted by one of you. I now have the kind of traffic that would mean your piece would be read by several hundred viewers. Keep that in mind.

Here’s what you should submit if you’re interested:

1. Your piece, with a title. It could be one you published already on a blog of yours, for example. But it can also be one that you haven’t yet published. I have no preference, because I have no intention of stealing it. It would be nice to know, though, so that I may be able to give credit where it is due.

2. Your name, or a pen name of your choice. I totally understand wanting to stay anonymous, that’s why I use a pen name myself. Optionally, you may give any other information you would like to share.

3. A link to a website/blog of yours, if you have one.

Send it to this email: writing.prose@yahoo.com

Keep in mind that I truly value honesty, and I don’t like the idea of taking credit for someone else’s work. It’s wrong.

Right, so any form of poetry is fine, in fact I think the more creative and unusual, the better. That’s the reason why I’m doing this after all. Experiment and explore!

Good luck everyone, I’ll be back with my Friday Question tomorrow.



14 thoughts on “Mid-Week Poetry – Share Your Works

  1. This is BRILLIANT! I, myself, have been really appreciating poetry as a form of artistic expression and opinion. I think this idea of yours is marvelous and I applaud you for your want to share your work and that of others. It is all about helping one another where we can. Expect a submission from me! Keep up the great work and blogging!

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