You Create Your Opportunities

“Wait for the opportunity.”

Why? Why do you have to wait? I do not understand why it is so widely encouraged to live one’s life waiting, because let’s face it: opportunities that aren’t of one’s own doing are few and far between. Which means you’re bound to end up waiting most of your life in the hope that things will just happen. What’s worse is that I hear that very phrase be said almost on a daily basis.


Patience is a beautiful thing. (Photo credit: I am marlon)

Now, don’t get me wrong – patience can be everything at times. To have patience is to be able to listen to what the world has to say. To endure in trying times. Patience goes hand in hand with acceptance (accepting, perhaps, that the world does not revolve around you), and thus I cannot stress its importance enough. What I mean to say is that having the ability to wait, to pause and slow down are incredibly valuable skills. You’ll live more in your own skin, more happily. And whether you like it or not, there are things in life that require patience, no matter what. Like discovering who you are.


Should you choose to, you can create the path to wherever it is that you want to go. (Photo credit: raghavvidya)

At the same time, always waiting for things to happen in your life won’t get you all that far. As a child, generally your responsibilities are minimal. As you grow older and enter high school, then college, your life is placed more and more in your own hands. That time when things just happened for you is suddenly gone – you become the one that has to make those things happen. How will you spend your time? Who will you spend your time with? It really is up to you how the rest of your life will turn out.

If you want to get somewhere, accomplish something, complete this, finish that, whatever it is, you have to go do it. It’s that simple. A great many of us have this fantasy that eventually we’ll just realize our goals if we just wait long enough, and the truth is, that never happens.

I have always believed in the power of thinking and intention to manifest things in one’s life.

Jones Street San Francisco

That house could be yours if you set yourself up to make it yours. (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

I really do believe it. But a large part of thought manifestation is that not only is one usually wishing for something to happen, but they are also contributing to making that thing happen. For example, if everyday I imagined myself sitting in a beautiful new home, not only am I hoping it will happen, but I am also going to do my best to make it happen – work hard, save up, etc. If you want it, you will make that house become a reality.

This ties into my piece about experiencing life – the best way to experience things is to just dive in, to go for it. You have to go and make whatever it is that you want, happen. Do you want to make it big in the entertainment world? Do your research, take classes, audition. Talk to the people that can help you. If you have any aspirations, any goals, any ambition whatsoever, it is you that must find the means to make it happen. You are the one that creates your own opportunities.

This is exactly why I always tell people that the more open they are in their life, the greater and more numerous their chances become. As you open your awareness, as you explore the unknown in the world and within yourself, you will become a better person, someone more completely. It’s because you’re finding yourself, yes. But it’s also because you can do so much more with your life, the quality of your living becomes richer.

You are the orchestrator of the symphony of your life. If you want something, you are the one to make it happen.



37 thoughts on “You Create Your Opportunities

  1. so true…patience is not an excuse for being idle. I believe in the teaching of Gita, one of our holiest scriptures. It urges humans to perform righteous actions without worrying about the fruits they will bear. Leave the result to the Divine. Our duty is to do!
    Whether one believes in God or not, it is tough to deny the importance of continuously doing something that add value in one way or another. The value addition could be to move you closer to your goal or just making the world a better place.

  2. I think there are two sides to this “opportunity” coin. One is as you say, to do your best into getting where you want to be. But the other side is also being given that chance…a chance that becomes open to you for only a certain amount of time and given a particular set of circumstances, a chance that is NOT dependent on your abilities and skills. That’s the side of opportunity I believe you need to wait for. Be as prepared as you can be, but wait for it. Move too early, or too late, and you’ll miss it.

    • I agree, yes. You make a good point. I would say, though, that opportunities may only be open to you if you live with the openness to allow them into your life. Do I make any sense saying that?

      • Yes totally! Live with openness and preparedness…seize the opportunity when it comes. I recommend the book Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus…he speaks of the tiny moments in our lives. Seems insignificant most times, but can also change everything if that moment seized properly. =) Great discussion point you brought up! Cheers.

  3. WOW! Great points. We can’t just wait around for good things to happen. However, I believe that sometimes God creates those opportunities for us when we lack courage to take the chance. I experienced just that today. But I didn’t take the chance anyway, and I wholeheartedly regret that. So instead of saying “I’ll try again later,” this gave me the incentive to take my heart into my own hands and go with my gut. Thanks for that.

    • You’re right, God may give you some of those opportunities. I think God’s gift of opportunity is life itself, and it’s up to us to be open, because with the right openness, anything can be a chance for success.

  4. Nice – there is a quote that I probably have wrong, and I’ve held onto it for soooo long that I do not recall who said it… maybe Deepak Chopra?… “for all that I experience, I am the subtle cause”…
    Your points and thoughts ring home. Thanks!

  5. Although I do believe in ceasing possibility and making those good intentional thoughts a physical reality, we are limited in our society. It is not as easy as saving up and entering a school for the arts, or imagining a new home and making it happen. Unfortunately we live in a system controlled by money, and if one doesn’t have they money, it makes the dream a lot harder, if not impossible, depending on the environment.

    It is this system that restricts us, and we are tricked into living a lifeless life. Working 6 days a week, leaving one exhausted, without time for living and enjoying life. Life has become surviving, and the tool to survive, it seems, is money. Much of the world doesn’t have the financial capacity to follow dreams and ideas, without living a life of debt. A life of work. A life of a slave.

    I admire your words and there are truth to them, unfortunately this world, this social system limits your words, which is sad. What you have written is what we all should be doing, its a pity man made rules and systems prevent good people, with good intentions make something unique and creative out of their life. Great post, keep it up!

    • You’re right in many respects. What I say can only partially be translated into actions in our world. More than anything, though, I was trying to inspire people to encourage the fearlessness within them, so that they may try what they want to succeed at without being restricted by fear.

  6. I believe in everything you’ve just said! But sometimes I feel like I work hard and I really try my best but when any opportunity comes around, something happens and I loss my chance to do what I wanna do! it happened to me about 4 times! =(
    I don’t give … I work harder actually but sometimes my negative thoughts overcome me and I keep on regretting and crying sometimes! Haha
    So, yeah! I have to find myself more and improve “ME” more! x)

  7. I absolutely agree! You have to put yourself out there. The more we experience, the more opportunities will be brought to us. Positive intention is the best place to start, but while we are picturing ourselves in the life we wish to have, we need to put ourselves in the situations and around the people that can help to manifest that life. Good article!!

  8. I’ve been experiencing a version of this in my own life lately… whenever I leave the house I’ve been making serendipitous connections, like meeting a political candidate at a book reading and ending up writing website content for him, or really helping a customer at my demeaning just-to-pay-the-bills retail job and having her try to recruit me for her boutique (which I later realized I’ve been to several times, and I love it!). At first I was disappointed because none of it is exactly leading to my dream job (although I made a bit of cash from the writing), but I’m taking it as a sign that I have incredible luck right now and if I just keep working hard and being involved in lots of things, I’ll eventually meet the right person and everything will work out.

    Are you familiar with Tony Burroughs and the Intenders? I don’t know much about them, but at my internship we’re publishing one of his books, and it seems worth a read.

    (Also, love the house photo! San Francisco’s hills are very photogenic, but I would hate walking up that to get home every day! Haha.)

  9. Not disagreeing, but for me it is a bit more subtle than that… I think that things are happening all the time and “making things happen” is forcing it (not necessarily such a good thing)… example – a bonsai tree grows (is happening), but becomes a bonsai through careful pruning & shaping… another example – when in a maze we can bulldoze our way through (make it happen) or we can keeping turning right to eventually find our way out; but if we do not move we will never get out… so to me it is a balance of wish, opportunity, action…
    This may not be really clear but hopefully you get the gist…

    • No, it makes perfect sense. Again, this is an example of how our perspectives vary, but you’re right in that we can’t “force” things to happen. I suppose my message was more about putting more energy and drive into life.

      • That is why I did not disagree… your post & message are valid & OK… it’s just that I am beginning to see beyond the ‘standard formula’ – and thus sharing whenever I can. 🙂

  10. Interesting post.

    I am not too sure if I agree with the statement that we create opportunities. I am a determinist. We were born with a certain set of genes, to a certain set of parents, to a certain set of culture, in a certain milky way. Much of who we are, was not even chosen by us. I do not think there is much left than to choose from by our own doings.

    • I suppose we are entitled to our beliefs. If I am to be completely honest, if I viewed my life in that way, I wouldn’t feel nearly as inspired or motivated to make things happen. But your argument is not without some sort of backing.

      • You are precisely right. We do not have any scientific objective way to measure inspiration or motivation to make things happen. These things mean different things to different people. And hence, I guess, are purely subjective experiences and value statements.

        Thank you.

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