I Cannot Simply Be

I am lost

Without direction, just a shell is left

To endure the ride of life,

I have nothing more

I cannot simply be


The pain raking my very soul

The pain you see in my eyes

It’s there, its real – I put it there

I cannot simply be


I’ve tried to run

To step aside

To feel just a moment’s peace within

But I’m stuck here,

With myself

Suffering from the lack of me

I cannot simply be


Consumed am I, for I consume

The young man was lost amidst his pride,

A disguise for the truth inside

I cannot simply be


So raw, so vivid, so real,

How am I anything when I fail to see

That to be free, to be truly Free

I must learn to simply be

18 thoughts on “I Cannot Simply Be

  1. I am glad to see you´re back.

    Pain can be a very severe intransigent master. I know how feels…
    There is nowhere to run, as you are the ultimate target and destination Now.

    As you say – you mst learn to simply be…but also…TO UN-BE

  2. Insightful poem! Learning just “to be” takes long perseverance (I’m still working at it, of course). So lovely a process (I often have trouble with “process,” wanting everything to be “done”). Really beautiful poem. Keep writing!

  3. “To be free I must learn to simply be”…this is so incredibly insightful, and yet so difficult. I often feel the same way and I’m almost 42!!! It is amazing that you are 15. I teach 9th and 11th graders and I wish they would “think” like this. 🙂 I love your blog. Great job! Can’t wait to read more. And you know, writing will help you discover more about who you are. It sure has helped me to get a handle on life.


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