Admitting Your Mistakes

Hello again!

So before I begin, it’s a little update from the Deep Thinkings HQ. Inspired by my last piece, I’ve decided to take a new approach to blogging. Although I will still try to write everyday, no longer will I be motivated by the success of what I write will bring me, and instead, will use only my inspiration and love of writing and discovery. This means I may write slightly less often, but I hope my writing is as inspiration as always.

Anyway, enough of that. Onto my inspiration, my deep thinking that struck me today:

It’s to admit that sometimes you’re wrong. I suppose that’s a pretty straightforward claim, but what I’m going at is a little deeper than the typical interpretation.

Firstly, it’s obvious that no human being on the planet is always right, all the time. To think that that even might be the case is absolutely ridiculous and untrue. I think we can all agree on that point.

But truly admitting one’s own mistakes is a completely different matter, and something we all have much space to improve on. It hit me today that even when we’re “acknowledging” our errors, we’re not really. We automatically dodge or avoid the truth. I do, you do, often times without meaning to.

Just as an example scenario, say I take orders from my boss and proceed to completely screw up what I’m supposed to do. I most likely will find someone or something to blame. At the very least, I’ll think it’s someone else’s fault, while “admitting” it was mine. It wasn’t me! All of a sudden, I’m avoiding the truth that it was, in fact, my fault, my mistake.

These things we do consciously or not, a lot, if not most of the time. It’s different for every person, but as a whole, it’s difficult to take the blame when you’re trained to find out why it’s someone’s fault.

It’s because it’s hard to admit the truth to yourself all the time, particularly about something you’re not proud of or embarrassed about. I absolutely never like to think of myself making mistakes, personally. It’s a fact of life. Pride is an ego-driven feeling, and so “damaging” pride shouldn’t be something to avoid, as pride is something we don’t need (it’s mixed up with self-confidence quite a bit).

It’s starts with having patience and acceptance with yourself and others. I’m not only talking about admitting your mistakes to others, but far more importantly is admitting your own mistakes with yourself. If you don’t think it, don’t believe it, then it doesn’t matter. If you can gain the consciousness to stop this cycle, this direct/indirect avoidance of one’s own mistakes, you will look at things differently.

Your whole world will change, you will change. You’ll become a more honest person, a more grounded person, more in-tune with yourself. Because suddenly there’s nothing to hide from anyone. Also, admitting one’s own mistakes will take away the pressure of always performing successfully. We’re human, and mistakes are what make us who we are.

To be honest, I’ve never quite realized this before today, or at least as much as I have before. But I see now that it’s all about rising up, noticing what you’re doing, and changing it. More on this next time.



A Sickening Display of Insanity

Hello to everyone, I’ve got a bit of grim news you might have already heard of today.

Last night, at the midnight premier of the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, 70

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

people were shot and 12 killed in the tiny community of Aurora in Colorado. The entire thing was staged by a killer that didn’t put up any resistance following the shooting. Which logically means there is absolutely no remorse whatsoever for the crime committed.

Words are inadequate in describing such horror. Family and friends going to see the movie  literally watched strangers and loved ones alike get shot before their eyes. Can there ever be a valid excuse for something so horrific? This is far beyond any typical inequality. I can’t begin comprehend what it must have been like.

All I know is that this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened in history. Human history is packed with injustices like the one today. In fact, in almost all major events in history, there have been injustices for somebody, somewhere. With human beingscomes unfairness; it’s inevitable and a part of who we are.

My condolences

Life can be unfair. Sometimes there is no changing that. (Photo credit: sskennel)

There are things that happen in life that are unfair, and this was one of those things. I think that is as basic as it gets. One man took out his frustrations on the world. He has emotionally damaged many. And now there is nothing they can do about it other than grieve.

Who said life was going to be fair? Nobody. Because sometimes it’s not – we live in a world of injustices. But you can’t fight violence with violence. As Gandhi brilliantly put it:

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

What can be done? There is nothing we can do now to reverse the past, but I believe we must use this moment in time as fuel for change. We can make a safer community by giving love to those that need love. Comforting those that need comfort. Creating places of trust. One day maybe we can rid the injustice that infects our beautiful world.

My sincere condolences to the wounded, those recently passed, and most importantly, to those grieving.


Syria + The Mad Hatter

Happy Mid-Week,

How is everyone? I’m feeling lonely lately in the comments section. You see, one of my intentions when making this blog was to be able to kick-start some seriously thought-provoking conversations. And up to this point, it’s been slow going. Where is everyone? I’m getting 40 views daily!

Alright then, what have I got today? I have two things actually, something that’s new to this blog actually.

As I promised sometime last week, I have a story that was sent to me by a reader, and I’d like to share it today. Something that I’m always interested in is seeing new perspectives on an idea or a current event. But something that impressed me about this story is that it’s a new perspective on a very accepted and classic book – Alice In Wonderland. This author has written about the perspective of the Mad Hatter… I’ll let you read the rest. Click here if you’re interested. And if you want more from the author, click here. You can give a review too, which is a great way to make an impact. I really recommend the read though, because it is well written and very enthralling.

Anyway, the other thing I want to write about is actually something that I’m going to do some serious research on. I want to dissect what’s going on in Syria and understand why such open displays of violence and cruelty are first of all, happening, and secondly, going on for so long without serious action. I mean (and again, I’ll be more informed to blog about this in several days) I hear on the news that people, particularly kids and women, are being shot and killed for no apparent reason, and for the longest time, the government over there has done absolutely nothing to correct that.

This brings to mind what I was saying about corruption a few weeks ago, and this is possibly the most blatant example of it today. Why this is happening, I am at a loss. But I do know that the world has much to learn before this kind of thing stops happening. And I also know that things like money are being valued higher than human lives.

So I ask you, readers, to say what you think on the matter in the comments. This really is a serious issue, and although it may not affect many of us directly as it’s thousands of miles away, does that mean we should value it as a lesser problem? How can an issue like this be civilly solved?

Sorry to end on a dark note, see you tomorrow,


What Am I Doing?

Good Morning –

Okay…. Well, this is it. My first real post. I’m nervous.

“What is this?”, One might ask. To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t give you a more informative answer than the next guy. What I can say is that I will be attempting to write about writing, as it is something, if anything, that I feel I can talk about. It also happens to allow me to trash whoever wrote something I don’t like. That could be fun.

I have thought long and hard about what maintaining a blog could mean. Really truly, I run the risk of talking to myself, writing in first person just for my own self to read later on. It’s true that there are countless unseen blogs all over the place, ranging from this topic to that. In a way, although massively frightening, it can be empowering. Because when the time comes, and you’re finally tasting success, you know that you overcame what a bunch of people couldn’t. That really does say something.

In an ideal world, it would be simple. One would have absolutely no trouble in being a instant, laughably famous hit. Every idea would be revolutionary. You would have 700 million followers, major advertisers, political/cultural influence. Not a single person would hate you. Ha. What a concept.

Alas, in an ideal world I wouldn’t learn anything. Nobody would. Without challenges, obstacles or impediments, nothing would make us think, grow or evolve as people. So the more I think about it, the more I realize that although with all the pain and suffering in our world, there’s a reason why the universe did not manifest a “perfect” place. I’m not necessarily trying to obscure how awful life can be sometimes; I’m merely focusing on the fact that it’s pretty awesome that we’re all learning.

I have to remember, though, that I am saying this from a First World position. I don’t think many homeless people happen to be sitting down with mac book pros, vaguely thinking about what to eat for lunch, on a bed in a warm house. In a strange way, what I take for granted would be their “perfect” place.

Anyway, back to the point: I accept that I will have challenges to face during my time with this blog. For those of you that may end up following me, thank you and take it easy on me. I’m trying to provide entertainment for you. Honest entertainment, not media crap.

I say fine if no one reads a words I write. This is about my own journey as a writer, and if no one cares, what can I do? I’ll write about it. For myself to read.

Well that’s pretty much it for my first day on the job. If you have absolutely anything to say about what I have just written, please do comment. The button is so conveniently placed right beneath my words. It would be a complete lie if someone didn’t have some sort of criticism. After all, I’m not living in a perfect place. 🙂

Okay that’s it, see ya,