It Matters

He was an average man. He was old, and in many respects, lived his live in an ordinary way. He drifted through life without too much thought. He just did what he knew he could do, and what he knew he would need to survive.

One day, he took one of his customary walks in the forest, as part of his daily routine. Being an observer of nature was something he enjoyed.

Taking the usual road, the man arrived at a clearing where he stumbled upon the sight of a young boy. The boy appeared to be sloppily picking up garbage that had gathered by a tree stump. Stopping to look, he saw that this boy, no older than eleven, was completely focused on his task and had not heard the old man approaching.

The man, curious if he was seeing wrong, asked the boy, “Child, what are you doing?”

The boy turned from his work, startled at first, but then grinning widely, “I’m helping nature.”

Baffled, the man tried to explain to the boy what he was doing: “There are miles and miles of forest on our planet. So much so that even I, in my old age, have not seen it all. What

It Matters

you are doing makes no difference at all – look at all of it around you!” The man chuckled to himself. This was not an ordinary thing for a child, or anyone for that matter, to do!

The boy turned back to his work without answering, and this made the smirk on the man’s face fade slightly. The boy propped a weak, startling purple-blue flower against the trunk of a tree, and positioned its head to be under a beam of light. The boy then pulled out all of the weeds that were dangerous to the flower as he replied to the man.

“It made a difference to that flower.”