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  1. Alright so here is where I comment. I think you should read the book 1984 by George Orwell. It’s a great book and has some very interesting thoughts in it.

      • It is because you said that you are 14; nowadays, a 14 years old rarely reads much less those by George Orwell. If you want to avoid such comments and invite meaningful discussions, you should hide your age so people will discuss anything with you without having any preconception of you. It is just my 2 pennies, take it or leave it.
        a bystander.

      • I thought about that for a while, but the reason I don’t care about showing my age is because I don’t want to hide. I do my best to be intelligent, and if you don’t believe I can be intelligent, you don’t have to read my blog.

        I appreciate your advice, and believe you make a valid point. But I’m going to keep things the way they are for now.

        Happy readings!

  2. Oh lovely…lol. There is an awesome lesson here. Now without sounding condescending but… Which of the two of you, I challenge, can be objective and conscious enough to see what is being taught to you here? 🙂

    Remember my wise and aged confrere, that in youth is a lacking of the blundering misconceptions that we acquire through our ages and middle ages. In other words, over tiem we become DUMBER because we are told what to open and close our minds to. If I were you, I’d pay attention. WHat is it you think you know more than another? No one knows anything…because anything we do know is ONLY relevant to our particular experiences. We can only teach through BEING. he isd probably closer to BEING himself than you (how old are you?) or I (I am older than you.)

    Did you know that in certain parts of west africa(and I know this because I have lived there and have seen this) old men are placed with young children who are just abkle to speak? the granfathers raise the young because it is said the the young have the greates wisdom that the old need, the final portions of wisdom to allow them to understand and transmute into paradise. They teach them, in other words.

    A wise person…one of real years and having been around the block, has already figured out that the more you learn…the more you find out all that you don’t know. Once you’re really wise…you will see how unknowing you are really. It’s like a little universal joke I suppose.
    Hmmm…ok. I’ll let you decide to judge what a 14 year old knows.
    I on the other hand…will sit back and learn what I can from him.

    Thanks for sharing ~ kid. :
    But remember not to be so smart that you stop asking questions cause you think you found a couple of answers 🙂

    • Belovedweare–

      I’m not sure what put you in such a bad mood…. I never said I knew anything more than anyone else. This is just a place for my thoughts, a place to allow me to articulate my beliefs. That’s all.

      I disagree with your view that we become “dumber” over time, because I feel as though I am always exploring and discovering new things. I also think that that view is degrading on one’s efforts, as I put a lot of energy towards improving in my life, and to say I’m becoming “dumber” is discounting all of it.

      I also don’t understand why you find the need to compare our ability to teach through “BEING”. Firstly, where did that come from? And why does age play any role at all? We are living different lives.

      Which brings me to my next point – if you’re judging my knowledge or wisdom by a number that I have no control over, you clearly aren’t so wise yourself. It’s like judging one’s wisdom by the number of wrinkles there are on their face: there is absolutely no relation. So I’m not sure that your “real years” have taught you as much as you think. And if you read my blog, you’d know that I’m always asking questions, and I always will be.

      The irony of all this, is that I read one of your pieces. And liked it.


  3. Not a bad mood 🙂 Do you take everything personally?

    You said…
    “If you want to avoid such comments and invite meaningful discussions, you should hide your age so people will discuss anything with you without having any preconception of you.”

    I was in university at 15…you? people were having prettymeaningful discussions with me at that age. let’s see…henry Kissinger was one of em…although wow…how boring was that? 🙂

    This sentence indicated to me that the only one with preconceptions (misnomer actually should be MISconception) was YOU. 🙂 I know you don’tmean to though…because you are HERE.
    Just wantign to encourage the kid not to hink he knew NOTHING only becasue he was young and hadn;t read Orwell…(ORWELL>>PLEASE?? ugh…dark and ugleh).

    Young or old…everyone knows something that can benefit both of us. My point was (and thank you for helping me make it so clearly)… is that as we get older…we feel a stronger need to assert our “hard earned wisdom” when in fact we are “unlearning” as fast as we are learning. Open mind…that’s all I’m sayin 🙂


    ps: I liked your blog too.

  4. Hi,
    I’m glad you visited my blog and as you see I’m here to requite now… very interesting….
    I don’t know if you read my “Message page” but would like if you do it and let me know if interested. Anyway, we could be in touch by email if you like rather than talking on here. Please be free to ask me everything you want….

  5. First, I want to say thank you for visiting my blog. Now as for yours, I love that what you are doing deep thinking. Age really doesn’t matter in my opinion. As for the book antz recommended, 1984 is a great thought provoking book. Whether or not you choose to read it now, you probably will in school sometime in the future. Antz didn’t have a good reason for reading the book. It’s about human morals and government control. A very good book.
    It is great that you have a blog update a day. I wish I had that determination.

    • Thanks. I’m glad you’re open minded to the fact that age doesn’t mean everything. I’ll definitely take a look at the book, and as for updating daily… well I am very determined, and I figured it was this, or doing nothing with my time. So it wasn’t a hard choice.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like thinking about “deep thoughts” and spirituality. Your blog is a great project and gives “food for thought” to others–what a great blessing for us. Teens get a bad wrap in the media, but I know that there are some teens who are good at writing and deep thinkers. The world needs conversations like you are providing.

    • Yeah, I don’t like the stereotypes set for teenagers, although they aren’t without reason – a lot of teens do stupid things, things without thought. I don’t want to classified with those people, because although I am a spontaneous person, I try to see the deeper aspects of life… so great for you to come and comment, thanks for stopping by.

  7. I used to be on wordpress, but have since moved to blogspot, with an entirely new account. I was wondering if there was a way I could follow this blog without using my wordpress account?

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog: Life Out Loud. It’s my little safe place and I hope that you enjoyed your visit and return again and again. As for your blog, I love your self expression. In my opinion your age only makes what you have to say that much more appealing. Write on!

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